Volti nell’acqua di Janet Frame

“Volti nell’acqua” (Neri Pozza, 2013), un romanzo che è una biografia o una biografia che diventa romanzo? In realtà, entrambe le cose, poiché si tratta, sotto pseudonimo, della sua vita e dei tanti volti con cui l’ha convissuta e condivisa, ma si tratta anche di un romanzo, forse perché solo il romanzo può rendere accettabile e comprensibile tutto il dolore provato, la solitudine e la … Continua a leggere Volti nell’acqua di Janet Frame

Literature, the Gemstone

Literature!Wonderful pool of meetings, arrivals and departures, landings and destinations. Not a divination, but the reality of a daily embrace that offers the warmth and beauty of time and beyond time.Literature not only broadens horizons, but returns the warmth of knowledge, the depth of awareness and the space to build possible worlds.Choosing to read the literature of authors from all over the world becomes an … Continua a leggere Literature, the Gemstone

Edward Scissorshands

Edward Scissorshands is a film by Tim Burton from 1990 that I often watch again not only because it is a beautiful film, but because it always offers new ideas and interpretations.What I report is a chapter dedicated to this film, taken from my essay “Donne allo specchio. Immagini e cultura del femminile” (Nulla die, 2014).This film, stripped of its magical vision, leaves an indelible … Continua a leggere Edward Scissorshands

What and Who Are We leaving in the World?

What and who are we leaving in the world?The most common question we ask ourselves is “What world are we leaving to our children?”, a fair question, not only legitimate, a question that must necessarily turn into action in order not to betray its good intentions.I mean, realizing how much the climate is changing and not working in your own small way so that there … Continua a leggere What and Who Are We leaving in the World?

The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien

“The Letters of JRR Tolkien” (Harper & Collins, 2006) collected in volume thanks to Humphrey Carpenter with the collaboration of C. Tolkien, represents a path through the maturation of the great writer and scholar and allows to reconstruct the fine and intelligent imagery as much as Tolkien’s witty mind and capable of lexical, historical, literary, social research.One aspect that I found particularly interesting is that … Continua a leggere The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien