There are journeys that everyone must make alone. “To fulfill” both in the sense of completing, but also in the sense of “fulfilling”. It is true that within oneself, as a dear friend of mine says, there is always at least one other, there is “you” and “yourself”, just as it is also true that there are others hidden who shyly and discreetly accompany you. … Continua a leggere Journeys


To what extent are people really willing to listen to each other? Often, even the most sensitive or those that you have believed to be such, are unable or unwilling to take care of another out of themselves and bring everything back to themselves as if the discomfort of the other were just an appendage of their own. Social distancing has become a reality more … Continua a leggere Listen

There Comes a Time

When the emptiness outside risks crossing the boundaries of your being, you need courage. This is the moment in which gathering within oneself the motivations to look for a direction and a destination to your wanderings gives meaning to every little step of your going. That is the moment when every rustle becomes a word and every silence becomes a voice. We have time to ask ourselves … Continua a leggere There Comes a Time

Never Scream

Love does not scream, as W. Shakespeare says so (“Speak low if you speak love” in Much Ado About Nothing); pain does not scream, says W. B. Yeats (‘I weave the shoes of Sorrow: Soundless shall be the footfall light In all men’s ears of Sorrow, Sudden and light. ‘In The Cloak, the Boat and the Shoes) because every scream is nothing but the awkward display of … Continua a leggere Never Scream

Pier Aldo Rovatti: In Virus Veritas

Mi sono imbattuta in questo agile volume di Pier Aldo Rovatti, In virus veritas, (ilSaggiatore, 2020), quasi per caso, eppure gli spunti di riflessione e le suggestioni che mi ha comunicato non sembrano un caso, né spariranno in un battibaleno.Il libricino, infatti, in appena 94 pagine fa una interessante riflessione e analisi sul periodo di pandemia che ci sta attraversando più di quanto noi stiamo … Continua a leggere Pier Aldo Rovatti: In Virus Veritas

The Good

I wish I could tell you about the good, but the good is not told is lived. The good is in the look and smile, in the innocent caress of a child and in the beauty not requested but given and received in mutual and serene exchange. Good is not said with words but inside and beyond them as it is not a simple declination of … Continua a leggere The Good

There’s a Voice in Silence

Silence becomes a space, the place where everything is still possible, where hope is built and where the inner voices decrease the distance between us and others instead of increasing it, since it is in silence that the other lives and, not only lives, but listens to himself and listens to you. You don’t need to scream but to listen. You don’t need to swear … Continua a leggere There’s a Voice in Silence


Don’t we know, perhaps, that what happens to us is the fruit of our pain? There are bodies that do not scream for a lifetime and then, suddenly, all that remains is the lament. They are bodies that suffer, but their thoughts are free and they manage to caress the smile of the moon while they give their tears to the stars. Non sappiamo, forse, che quello … Continua a leggere Bodies

“Filosofia del dilemma” più di una filosofia per la vita

I often go back to books that I have already read and loved and that have marked a path in my personal maturation, they are books that remain as travel companions to which to return, just like in a journey, with my own new difference because you can go back but never being the same, yet it is the experience that makes us more authentic … Continua a leggere “Filosofia del dilemma” più di una filosofia per la vita

Isabel Allende: L’isola sotto il mare

Ancora una volta la narrazione e la scrittura di Isabel Allende non tradisce le mie aspettative, anzi, in L’isola sotto il mare (Feltrinelli, 2009) il racconto assume il tono morbido ma tenace di un inarrestabile esercizio di controllo del dolore e delle delusioni che da particolari diventano universali e viceversa. La scrittura della Allende è ormai una scrittura matura che, pur conciliandosi con le leggende … Continua a leggere Isabel Allende: L’isola sotto il mare