Never Betray Tales

I love fairy tales very much, traditional and modern ones, because they reveal forgotten emotions about us, tastes never known, attitudes we were unaware of, choices to be pondered and on which to build what happens next.I really like this very much afterwards.Fables are never just words that narrate lived stories or, in any case, that happened in reality or in the imagination. Fables are … Continua a leggere Never Betray Tales

Desperate Nights

Streets used as rally circuits, transformed into danger to oneself and others along bottomless nights longer than the day. This happens, every night for months, in the indifference towards the good for oneself and for the other, enjoy the annoyance as if this were the way to show one’s existence, it does not matter that it is a silly way, it does not matter that … Continua a leggere Desperate Nights