The weigh of words

I know a young man who weighs words as whoever should. He knows the difference between companion  and friend and never mixes up the two words as the two feelings. When he says to someone I love you it is never because he simply likes what he/she does but what he/she is. When he calls up for service it is never for slavery or exploitation. He is one who can still distinguish the formal … Continua a leggere The weigh of words

All of us like a modern Hamlet

‘Hamlet’ by W. Shakespeare, is not a tragedy of violence, it is the violence of a human tragedy. Hamlet, who wants to denounce is uncle for the horrible crime to have killed is father, is also denouncing himself and his silence because of his incapacity to cope clearly with the murderer. Let’s briefly analyze what Hamlet does after the appearance of his father’s ghost resembling his … Continua a leggere All of us like a modern Hamlet

Deliberate turmoil to create invisible enemies

What happens when serious different events beat the time of our single day? We don’t know to which of them we should give more importance. How do we spontaneously decide which of the events described in the News are the most interesting for us? We choose according to our feelings and fears, though a permanent perception of instability characterize our entire time every day. The … Continua a leggere Deliberate turmoil to create invisible enemies

Silence will condemn us to loneliness

I love silence when it actively tells the stories never told which are worth to be listened and known. I love silence when it offers its active help without dispersing useless energies to keep yourself safe. I love the silence which works and tells the never received love for those who never saw a smile or someone accompanying them during their walk. I love silence … Continua a leggere Silence will condemn us to loneliness

The frailty of the simple things

Simple things are fragile, though they are the essence of that life we have built upon useless imposition of power we shouldn’t believe in, indeed, if we were still human beings and not machines. I look around and see dissatisfaction, but if I look inside I see opportunities. Nonetheless, many have lost the ability of searching inside being satisfied by what appears that only rarely … Continua a leggere The frailty of the simple things