Another Month

Another month is over.What is strange about the cancer disease is the awareness of limited time. It’s strange since everyone has limited time, but nobody pays attention to it. The cancer patient, on the other hand, knows it, he expects it… but in the meantime he gives meaning to his life which takes on a new meaning.In fact, he has difficulties, for example, when he … Continua a leggere Another Month


Memory means taking charge of the history of the other. It doesn’t matter if we were there or not, it’s history and history belongs to everyone, it’s our baggage, it’s the ability to discern the rotten seed from the one that will bear healthy fruit.This is Memory, History and History cannot be denied even if there are those who try to hide it, even if … Continua a leggere Memory

José Saramago: La vedova

Nel centenario della nascita di José Saramago, la Feltrinelli pubblica il suo primo romanzo assegnandogli il titolo originario voluto dall’autore, “La vedova”, e non quello con cui fu pubblicato per la prima volta in Portogallo, “Terra del peccato”.Così, in “La vedova” (Feltrinelli, 2022) troviamo la scrittura di un giovane Saramago alla sua prima pubblicazione. Non era molto fiero del cambio di titolo, come, forse, del … Continua a leggere José Saramago: La vedova


I strive to stay strong, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep my feet on the ground and be aware of reality.The strength, the energy to develop it, in fact, is generated by the thought of fragility and not by those of power, since it is on this fragility that more stable paths and more concrete objectives can be built, albeit close together over time.Strength … Continua a leggere Thorns


Sometimes I observe my life and that of those around me and it seems to me that I am watching a film in eternal rewind.And yet, I know, every life flows differently and digs the furrows of its time. Talvolta osservo la mia vita e quella di chi mi circonda e mi sembra di assistere a un film in eterno rewind.Eppure, lo so, ogni vita … Continua a leggere Rewind


Life is a path of waiting: waiting for the beginning and waiting for the end of everything.Waiting for the beginning is a formula for research and enrichment, waiting for the end is awareness and a proposal to be able to go one step further.Waiting should never be passive, neither in one direction nor in the other, because it is the responsibility towards the mystery of … Continua a leggere Waitings