There are gestures or actions that, like James Joyce’s epiphany, bring to mind gestures and stories that you thought you had forgotten. A sudden and unexpected revelation, more than a memory, less than the life that repeats itself. I was ironing a shirt and that usual and repetitive gesture of the hot iron which, back and forth always with the same movement, establishes a relationship … Continua a leggere Pina

Little Bird

If I listen to the gentle and insistent chirping of the newborn birds that demand the return of their parents with the food that satisfies them in their beak, even the onomatopoeia appears to me with infinite tenderness. Sometimes, it is the sounds themselves that describe the beauty of the word that uses them to convey the emotion. Sometimes it is enough to listen to … Continua a leggere Little Bird

David Grossman: La vita gioca con me

“La vita gioca con me” (Mondadori, 2019) scritto da David Grossman con delicatezza e intuito, è certamente un romanzo di qualità. Qualità per il contenuto, qualità per il resoconto di una storia vera di cui non solo l’autore diventa testimone, ma che è in grado di rendere altrettanto testimone il lettore, grazie alla scrittura avvolgente che parla all’interno del pensiero di chi legge invitandolo a … Continua a leggere David Grossman: La vita gioca con me

The Writer’s Imprint

Writing is not child’s play, although almost everyone knows how to write. Writing is not putting words on paper, one after the other in a sequence of description and narration of facts or events, writing is to leave an imprint.There are writers so really writers who even in the shortest thought and in the most linear description are capable of transmitting life, since their narratives, … Continua a leggere The Writer’s Imprint

The Reasons of the Other

The reasons of the other can also be our reasons, while respecting mutual freedom and difference, if on both sides these reasons are based on solid ethical principles that put the person at the center of the dialogue and not those individual interests, often not even very clear and identified that, due to this unreasonable presumption of the individual, turn into blocked clichés and without … Continua a leggere The Reasons of the Other