B. Mayer and T. Canot: Twenty Years of an African Slaver

“Twenty Years of an African Slaver” (2020) by B. Mayer and T. Canot is the true story of Captain Canot, an adventurer of Florentine origins, narrated by Myer in 1854.In reality, it is more than a book that tells the adventures of Captain Theodore Canot from his first experiences at sea until he leaves the sea to take care of his plantation in Brazil; it … Continua a leggere B. Mayer and T. Canot: Twenty Years of an African Slaver

Romain Gary: La vita davanti a sé

“La vita davanti a sé” (Neri Pozza, 2005), prima di essere un film è un romanzo, un grande romanzo di Romain Gary, invitante e tenerissimo nonostante la durezza della situazione e della narrazione che prende i toni foschi e cupi dell’ambiente narrato, le Belleville di Parigi degli anni ’70.Non ho visto ancora il film tratto da questo romanzo, forse lo vedrò, ma tra un po’, … Continua a leggere Romain Gary: La vita davanti a sé

The Story of One is the Story of Everyone

I’m re-reading the print draft of my new novel and I’m getting excited, for the story itself, but also because I recognize an increasingly mature style that does not betray the thought that feeds it but, on the contrary, enriches it with shareable meanings that build bridges in the stories between people and that tells something not only true, but of which each one can … Continua a leggere The Story of One is the Story of Everyone

Discipline Your Anxiety

Discipline must be imposed, especially to control nerves, tensions, fears.We live with anxieties and expectations, it is not an anomalous fact, but each anxiety should be given the frame it deserves, preventing it from expanding beyond illegitimate and predatory borders.Yet, often, while there are those who manage to control their anxiety to the point of almost suppressing it from sight, there are, on the contrary, … Continua a leggere Discipline Your Anxiety


Joviality, since closing oneself in gloom does not soothe suffering, but annihilates the person. Joviality is an attitude of the soul that does not erase pain, but supports one’s own courage while encouraging the gaze of others to understand (cum prehendere, take together, embrace). Giovialità, poiché chiudersi nella cupezza non lenisce la sofferenza, ma annienta la persona. Giovialità è un atteggiamento dell’anima che non cancella … Continua a leggere Giovialità

What a Mess!

Things could be simpler and more linear if we concentrated on the essence and not on the faded and dilated boundaries destined, fortunately, in any case to change, however much we try to imprint the strongest imprints to demarcate inner or physical territories.The essence, on the other hand, escapes us easily. The daily humanity of our life underlies and expels in hatred and indifference the … Continua a leggere What a Mess!