It Takes Little

It takes little to love each other, it takes little to make another person happy, it takes little to bring a smile to the lips more parched by loneliness and deceptions. It takes kindness.Kindness means the ability to stand next to the other, accompany him, recognize him for what he is without judgment and without the desire to transform him into something else. Kindness is … Continua a leggere It Takes Little

Olaudah Equiano: The Life of Olaudah Equiano

“The Life of Olaudah Equiano” (Dover Publications, 1999) is the true story of Equiano subsequently called Gustavus Vassa the African, after having received many other names depending on how “the masters” chose to call him. It is a story, as you can imagine, tough, yet, delicately told as if to protect himself from the offenses already suffered in an attempt to mitigate the violence.It is … Continua a leggere Olaudah Equiano: The Life of Olaudah Equiano

Hidden Tears

There are copious tears that flow only in the invisible eyes of those who hold them back. They are deep tears that like submerged rivers dig the rock and make it fragile while increasing its mystery and beauty.From the outside, everything appears the same and only the sharp and attentive gaze can grasp that imperceptible blink of the eye which, like a dam, stands between … Continua a leggere Hidden Tears

25th April, The Day of Liberation

Today is one of those days when the joy of Liberation should be more than a feeling, an idea, a project, a meaning to be given to one’s existence, trying to free oneself forever from those forms of dictatorship and violent regime that continue to preclude to many, too many, the taste of freedom.The Liberation of Italy from Nazi-Fascism began before the allies landed, for … Continua a leggere 25th April, The Day of Liberation

Thomas Malory: Storia di Re Artù e dei suoi cavalieri

La storia di Re Artù e dei suoi cavalieri di Thomas Malory (a cura di G. Agrati e M: L. Magini, Mondadori, 1985), ha sempre un grande fascino per tutti, soprattutto per chi coltiva lo studio della letteratura inglese a partire dalle sue origini, contemplandone, quindi, anche le influenze europee in seguito alle diverse commistioni tra culture dovute alle invasioni di un popolo o di … Continua a leggere Thomas Malory: Storia di Re Artù e dei suoi cavalieri

I. J. Singer: I fratelli Ashkenazi

I. J. Singer nel suo romanzo “I fratelli Askenazi” (Newton Compton Editori, 2019) ha compiuto un’opera immane, ma con la gentilezza e perfezione di un linguaggio che è in grado di colpire diversi aspetti dell’immaginario del lettore arricchendone la conoscenza: storia, tradizione, morale, famiglia, politica, economia, potere. È la storia di due fratelli gemelli, Simcha e Jacob (rispettivamente cambieranno poi i loro nomi in Max … Continua a leggere I. J. Singer: I fratelli Ashkenazi