Hanya Yanagihara: Verso il paradiso

“Verso il paradiso” (Feltrinelli, 2022) di Hanya Yanagihara è un libro dalla struttura alquanto complessa ma accattivante e dalla storia, anzi, dalle storie che, pur nella loro diversità, possono ricongiungersi in un unicum di visione sul proprio passato il presente e il futuro: la ricerca di un paradiso in terra, nel proprio mondo, tradita dal prevalere dell’indifferenza e della solitudine.Il volume è diviso in tre … Continua a leggere Hanya Yanagihara: Verso il paradiso


They say that there is a time for everything, it seems to me, however, that our time has become standardized and fossilized on one thing only: survival.A survival without comfort because without ties, without ideas, without perspective. A survival more similar to death than to life, as if we counted the minutes that separate us from the end and not those that give meaning and … Continua a leggere Survival

Be Home

Be home, every heart needs a nest.It is not easy “being home”, it is a timeless commitment, it is a promise that cannot be betrayed.“Being home” means not only welcoming, but taking charge, taking care, listening to others and listening to themselves, giving all of yourself to others, without reservations, but with the wise discernment that teaches us to want the good and to want … Continua a leggere Be Home