Think Before Acting

Since I was a child I have learned two essential lessons: from every fall you can get up again, and action corresponds to a consequence. It is called responsibility. Responsibility towards oneself and towards others, the two are neither separate nor separable.Falling and learning to get up gave me the strength of self-esteem and the courage not to consider myself perfect. Recognizing that every action … Continua a leggere Think Before Acting

Literature, an Interior Sound

Everything seems very confused, every term of every question seems to be refuted and overturned not because this is really possible and right, but because it is done on the basis of the personal and specious interests of those who demand looks only for themselves.Alas, literature is not exempt from this system which reduces the meaning of stories and writing to zero, to ephemeral and … Continua a leggere Literature, an Interior Sound

A Smile Is My Inheritance

Even in this very precarious and complex moment, writing marks a course in my life and allows me to say everything that for love or distraction (it doesn’t matter), you often don’t want to listen. I don’t know what the conclusion of everything that happens will be, nor if there really is a destination, but I know for sure that not giving in, not collapsing, … Continua a leggere A Smile Is My Inheritance


There are people who have everything, all things, but have nothing because they lack the only thing that really matters: tenderness.They have objects, possessions, riches, privileges, they are surrounded by people, but they are profoundly alone because they lack tenderness.They are people who scream for power, proclaim wealth and knowledge, but do not know virtue and conscience as they lack tenderness.They are poor people because … Continua a leggere Tenderness