Day and night flow the same in the same expectation and in the same silence.These are the dimensions of my being, this is the position of my becoming.After all, one never stops becoming, not even in death, because death is part of being and becoming.Paradoxically, cancer gave me time. The time to reflect on the essential, the time not to waste, the time for amazement, … Continua a leggere Being

A Night of Silence

Sometimes the silence is longer than the night.Sometimes we feel unworthy of living and overwhelmed by the growing emptiness that fills souls with nonsense.This is the moment to react, to give a signal of your resistance and restore a rhythm to your patience.Patience not only to wait, but to build meaning in doing so. Talvolta il silenzio è più lungo della notte.Talvolta ci si sente … Continua a leggere A Night of Silence

Stephen King: Fairy Tale

L’ultimo romanzo di Stephen King, “Fairy Tale” (Sperling & Kupfer, 2022) è una favola non favola, un racconto di formazione e di ricongiungimento, la ricerca di magia nella realtà e di realtà nella magia perché tutti, in qualche momento della propria vita, si sono trovati a riflettere su che cosa sia giusto o sbagliato, vero o falso, reale o magico.Tutti ci siamo trovati in bilico … Continua a leggere Stephen King: Fairy Tale

Stand Up, Baby

So, let’s see…Anemia and fatigue, they’re here; nausea as well, joint pains don’t keep you waiting, foot blocked and stiff in movements is not lacking, the mind and heart are still there… yes, I would say that everything is there, this is me. My luggage is with me and I’m ready to cherish the new day.We get up so that the time of being is … Continua a leggere Stand Up, Baby

Living Words

Sometimes the best words are the ones that are not pronounced, but that live in your chest and are the beating of your own heart. It is there, in fact, that they find the rhythm and the nectar that gives rise to life.Those words move, act, they are all you have to present your thoughts in an original, but above all authentic way, there is … Continua a leggere Living Words