Loneliness is the condition of those who are abandoned to themselves without anyone pays any attention to them and their true exigencies reducing them, instead, to its own benefit or, more often, to their own intentions and desires. You are not alone when you spend your days alone, but when your life is considered subordinate to those who should love and understand you. You are … Continua a leggere Loneliness

When Civil Disobedience Marries Human Conscience

Sometimes the choice of disobeying is more efficaciously legal than the laws which discriminate and separate without any conscience. There are laws which are more similar to egocentric propaganda than to decisions to balance and guarantee the rights among the people as every law should do. When this happen we are no more speaking of law but of coercion, because it is coercion and not … Continua a leggere When Civil Disobedience Marries Human Conscience

Dario Leone: Identità liquida, disagio Solido

La casa editrice Nulla Die pubblica un interessante volume del sociologo Dario Leone, Identità liquida, disagio solido (2019), nel quale è analizzata la società contemporanea e l’efferata globalizzazione che si è risolta nella debilitazione delle relazioni e di una realtà in cui ciascuno possa trovare la propria direzione.  Il testo, accompagnato dalla Prefazione di Massimo Zamboni, prende le mosse dal concetto di società liquida, studiato e suggerito da … Continua a leggere Dario Leone: Identità liquida, disagio Solido


The real power is not omnipotence but acknowledgement. Omnipotence is nothing but the delirium of those who cannot recognize their own limits and responsibility and, consequently, have no courage to stand up again when they fall and fail. Of course, failures occur, perfection does not belong to human beings, and if it belongs to other or not, it is not a human affair. My advice … Continua a leggere Omnipotence

Education is not a Joke

To Vincenzo Education is not a joke, but the action of taking care. It does not pass down mere knowledge, but a knowledge made up of competence, ability, discernment, judgement, free thought, listening and understanding. Vincenzo, you are an educator. These are things that one can learn only if the teachers, the educators (I mean those who guide with their intelligence, awareness, competence to open wide … Continua a leggere Education is not a Joke