As a young girl, I volunteered with the Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, I met many homeless, dirty, drunk, sick. I often felt disgusted and wondered why they wasted their lives.There were situations of all kinds, many of them I could not accept, others understand them, however they existed and they were not just outside of me. Then, in the midst of so much … Continua a leggere Pascà

The Beauty of the Little Things

There are many of them around us. They are hidden from the gaze of those who seek in their vision the common, striking things, those that do not require the effort of contemplation as they impose themselves in the sometimes coarse might of their presence.And yet, there are many of them, they are the little things, those that easily escape, but which, if you suddenly … Continua a leggere The Beauty of the Little Things

Nadine Gordimer: Storia di mio figlio

“Storia di mio figlio” (Feltrinelli, 2015) di Nadine Gordimer è un romanzo intenso che lascia nel lettore la sensazione di aver vissuto una storia dall’interno e che nella vita, in qualche modo misterioso, ogni cosa sia destinata a essere totalmente sconvolta prima che tutto torni al suo posto e al suo normale respiro.È così che un figlio, un padre, una madre, una sorella e un’amante … Continua a leggere Nadine Gordimer: Storia di mio figlio


Smiling with your eyes I think is the most beautiful way to smile, certainly the most profound one that does not capture the ephemeral moment to burn it, but retains the substance of the smile and entrusts it to the dreams and the hope of good for the other.I was taught the discretion, always, the silent embrace of putting yourself next to the other, of … Continua a leggere Smiles


You are already beyondalthough time and placeshold you back.You are already beyondalthough the voices and feelingscall you back.You are already beyondin the invisible foreverin the eyes of those who do not havebut themselvesto watchand their own selfto satisfy.You are already beyondin the unknown timewhere no I no Youexists on its ownwhere everythinghas its own voicewhich is our voice life. Sei già oltresebbene il tempo e … Continua a leggere Beyond

To Travel Is To Live

“To travel is to live”, that’s right. My life, every life, is nothing but a journey in which everyone chooses the route of their destination. Every now and then, we make some stops, we also change direction, we let ourselves be intrigued by the mysteries hidden in different routes, but then, with determination, we resume our journey. In reality, deviating does not mean stopping traveling … Continua a leggere To Travel Is To Live