Dignify Every Person

Be the life of the other not stranded in silence and indifference, no life should be considered less worth living.Every life is worth living, every life has the scent of hope and not that of resignation to emptiness and nothingness.Individual and collective situations, even global ones, are not simple, but devoting oneself to indifference is a very serious fault and a very clear responsibility with … Continua a leggere Dignify Every Person

Good Morning!

Yesterday. Tension always loosens in the face of the beauty of creation and, even when you can only praise it late, it fills every instant of time. Today (as for yesterday) good morning of light and courage and may it be a good day to our gaze and to the heart of our heart. Beyond every barricade there is the freedom that calls. Ieri. La … Continua a leggere Good Morning!

Margaret Atwood: La donna da mangiare

“La donna da mangiare” (Ponte alle Grazie, 2020) di Margaret Atwood è un romanzo che, trascinata anche dall’ironia suggerita dal titolo stesso, produce un senso di sazietà.Sazietà perché è un romanzo scritto con cura, passione, intelligenza, idee chiare e nessun timore di rivelarle; sazietà perché è un romanzo che si gusta con piacere anche nelle fasi di rivelazione della verità e accade così proprio grazie … Continua a leggere Margaret Atwood: La donna da mangiare

The First Step

When embarking on a new adventure, enthusiasm or anxiety tend to prevail over everything.This is how every little step, a minimal experience to the point of being insignificant compared to everything else to come, even that becomes charged with waiting and needs control and care.Every new adventure deserves patience and attention, every little experience of every adventure becomes a new beginning, the first step that … Continua a leggere The First Step

A Word Is More Than a Language

Who knows, maybe it is due to the professional deformation of a linguist, but words have for me the charm of what is indisputably sacred.They have a history, an origin, a mystery also which, at the end of each research, always leads me to ask myself why, at the origin of time and language, precisely that sound and not another was customarily associated with that … Continua a leggere A Word Is More Than a Language


It seems to me that I am walking on the edge of a precipice, on one side the present, on the other my forever.I walk along this line between the before and the after with a rhythmic step, although sometimes faster, other times slower. There is no rush. I stop, too, to touch the surface of this abyss with my hand that appears as nothingness … Continua a leggere Melody


(…)Cindy looked at them, smiled at them knowing they couldn’t understand her. Her world was too different, too far away for them, so accustomed to looking and looking after only their surroundings, to be understood. She did not give up, however, she did not give up, in her land her surrender was not contemplated, each surrender was an act of courage that involved getting up … Continua a leggere Cindy