We are not jesters of our life, we are not ridiculous puppets who act following the step of those who pull our strings with no choice, we are not hateful clowns who hide behind custom-made masks to hide the truth of which we are not spokespersons.Only kindness is what we really need, the courage of kindness against the exhibitionist nonsense that makes us jesters in … Continua a leggere Jesters

Knights of Life

The patience of the dawning day, an invitation, a hymn to beauty, the promise to be knights of our life, courageous and strong, despite the vicissitudes that assail us, far-sighted and honest, capable of overcoming the abuses and malice that arises in disguise.Knights of our life, enlightened by good and right, never by oppression and deception; lined up in favor of the truth, never in … Continua a leggere Knights of Life

Writing is a Responsibility

Yet, writing is not about indulging the reader’s taste in order to take advantage of it and leave him a prisoner of his own certainties (when it goes well), of his disinterest (when it goes wrong). Writing is shaking, bearing witness to reality, also upsetting, but never flattening. Writing is not a kind of complacency in which to find oneself “sold” and therefore important, writing … Continua a leggere Writing is a Responsibility