Toni Morrison: The Origin of the Others

Reading a novel written by Toni Morrison has always been for me a precious gift. A gift not a present, because reading her stories I have perceived the feeling of life, of real life, the different feelings which animate the writer, but also her research to understand and make us understand what we refuse to know and accept: our fears of the difference closes us … Continua a leggere Toni Morrison: The Origin of the Others

Fragility or Vulnerability?

Where is the destruction, inside or outside? Is it from the outside that we receive the negative inputs which influence our feelings and sense or is it from the inside that we give up searching for the truth and the good and renounce to take a part in our choices and decisions? Are we more inclined to fragility or to vulnerability? Which of the two … Continua a leggere Fragility or Vulnerability?

In Praise of Dignity

‘Freedom and plurality of the centers and of the senses have one thing in common, the truth. No deceit can be considered <<culture>>’, in “Cultura e culture. La pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi” (Nulla Die 2018). A strong confusion, almost brutal, has become the typical modern vision of ourselves and of what we do: it is the confusion between visibility and … Continua a leggere In Praise of Dignity

Giuseppe Serra: “Pasolini, critico della società e del costume” (ed. Nulla Die)

Il saggio di Giuseppe Serra, Pasolini. Critico della società e del costume, edito da Nulla Die, propone un’interessante lettura contestualizzata degli scritti e del pensiero della complessa personalità di Pier Paolo Pasolini. L’analisi politica e sociale di Pasolini è ben sottolineata dall’autore che non si astiene dal presentare e anche spiegare le ragioni per cui un autore così poliedrico e profondo sia stato spesso contrastato non … Continua a leggere Giuseppe Serra: “Pasolini, critico della società e del costume” (ed. Nulla Die)

The story of one is the story of everyone

The 25th of November is arriving and, as usual, many will be the celebrations to remember the fight against any kind of violence against the women, it is right. Yet, though many steps have been done, let’s remember that it is not one day of celebration in our life which can change the culture and, above all, the behavior of those who are too frequently … Continua a leggere The story of one is the story of everyone