Never Betray Tales

I love fairy tales very much, traditional and modern ones, because they reveal forgotten emotions about us, tastes never known, attitudes we were unaware of, choices to be pondered and on which to build what happens next.I really like this very much afterwards.Fables are never just words that narrate lived stories or, in any case, that happened in reality or in the imagination. Fables are … Continua a leggere Never Betray Tales

Desperate Nights

Streets used as rally circuits, transformed into danger to oneself and others along bottomless nights longer than the day. This happens, every night for months, in the indifference towards the good for oneself and for the other, enjoy the annoyance as if this were the way to show one’s existence, it does not matter that it is a silly way, it does not matter that … Continua a leggere Desperate Nights

L.N. Tolstoj: Che fare, dunque?

“Che fare, dunque?” (Campo dei Fiori, 2017) di Lev Nicolaevič Tolstoj è una riflessione che scava in profondità i luoghi comuni e gli stereotipi di una società che pone l’economia e il privilegio personale e individuale al di sopra di tutto e a qualsiasi costo.Solo per questo, e non è poco, la riflessione narrata da Tosltoj al punto da sembrare quasi un romanzo, segna non … Continua a leggere L.N. Tolstoj: Che fare, dunque?

Like a Flower

I think of that expression we use to say about tenderness towards a woman by insisting on the duty to treat her like a flower. Well, I feel that I would like to add a continuation to this beautiful, tender expression, but which risks the paroxysm of misunderstanding. I would add to treat her as a flower “not cut from its plant”. That image of … Continua a leggere Like a Flower

Never Withdraw from Consciousness

I have often encountered violence in my life and it has often been augmented by silence.Thus, in fact, silence allows violence, increases it and determines its spread. Why? Because the silence in the face of the violence that one suffers or that one sees others undergo, is a way to escape the questions of our conscience.Yet, it is clear, not because we presume to ignore … Continua a leggere Never Withdraw from Consciousness


In my sleepless nights I accompany the moon to its destiny, a reciprocal vigil that knows no enemies or contempt or anger or prejudice, only the silent song of a thousand voices that are narrated and little lights that chase each other on imaginary steeds of the wind. Like knights of passing time we tell dreams with open and closed eyes, we reveal the deepest … Continua a leggere Sleepless Giulia di Loredana De Vita

Saturday, September 18th, 1:00 pm, on, Maury Incen will interview me to talk about “Giulia” (Nulla die, 2021) which is my latest novel and even more … I’ll wait for you, that’s enough connect to the link. Sabato, 18 settembre, ore 13:00, su, Maury Incen mi intervisterà per parlare di “Giulia” (Nulla die, 2021) che è il mio ultimo romanzo e anche di … Continua a leggere Giulia di Loredana De Vita

The Untold Story

The number of women “made dead” increases in the indifferent habit of most.In the name of a presumed or misunderstood freedom, we lose our time and attention to things that should not even be discussed because used to protect everyone’s health, but no action is taken and directed against the repeated and increasingly frequent crimes perpetrated to the detriment of the freedom and life of … Continua a leggere The Untold Story