Tell Him

Tell Himtell Him I’m tiredto travel along this routetell Himthat I want to knowthe mystery of His meetingtell Himthat in dreams I imagineHis ancient wrinklesand that I gently caress them. DiteglieLoditeGli che sono stancadi viaggiare lungo questa rottaditeGliche desidero conoscereil mistero del Suo incontroditeGliche nei sogni immaginole Sue rughe antichee che con gentilezza le accarezzo. Continua a leggere Tell Him

The Power of Words

If I had the words of the windI could gut the violence of hateinflict punishment on those who cause painto the weary heart of the innocent.I could cry out against the lieoverwhelm in the impotence of redemptionthe blind criminals who enjoy themselves.I could erase the signs of the passageof every braggartsmooth out the impervious paths of every path, finally,so that every humble person will find … Continua a leggere The Power of Words

To Be Home

It is nice to be home together.Yet, in these days of full houses, the voices of those who are no longer here are heard louder.Memory? Recall? Need?No, perhaps the simple wish for a reunion.Sometimes you just want the ability to re-invent your time. È bello essere casa insieme.Eppure, in questi giorni di case piene, più forte si sentono le voci di coloro che non ci … Continua a leggere To Be Home


Those who go through a tunnel often have no way of seeing its end, however, if you think about it, it is certain that there is a way out. We must, then, imagine it, not just let ourselves be oppressed by the intense darkness that can take our breath away. We have to imagine the light, the breeze of the wind that changes the aroma … Continua a leggere Tunnel

I Am

To suspend.From the Latin “suspendere” (composed of “sub”, below, and “pendere”, to hang), there is no simpler word to express the state of mind of someone who remains attached to something which, however, does not allow him to put his feet on the ground.Suspending the chemotherapy medicine due to the onset of kidney damage is certainly not the easiest thing to accept. The medicine hangs … Continua a leggere I Am


The recurrence! This omnipresent enemy, even when it’s not there.Every check, from the simplest to the most complicated, becomes a source of anxiety for everyone, including me, of course.It’s like perceiving the constant and invisible presence of a specter, the ghost of recidivism, in fact, which allows you to live fully only up to a certain point. It’s a ghost ready to let out its … Continua a leggere Recurrence