Prestige is not a magic, but the ability to attract people’s attention on something you are doing or saying thanks to strength your ability shows, of course, but above all thanks to your own assertive attitude which can change in magic whatever you do or say. Prestige, from the French, underlines one’s ability to deserve the attention of the others because credible and worth to … Continua a leggere Prestige


You cannot teach to be free if you are not free. Freedom implies confrontation and choice and if you are not free you are not able to accept those who are or think differently from you, those who live their freedom. Yet, it is in the difference that each freedom can find its voice, it is in freedom that each person can have a role … Continua a leggere Freedom


Sometimes, human beings are really astonishingly amazing: they fear limpidity and embrace mud. It is probably because the mud hides everything including what you don’t want to see of yourself, or because of its viscosity which makes everything sliding better in the illusion that flowing away means that they haven’t existed. I don’t know exactly what kind of process is the one we are devoted … Continua a leggere Limpidity

The Time I Live, The Time I feel

This morning, as usual, I was training by my stationary bicycle, when I started to think about the time. As a matter of fact, with my great spontaneous as useless naivety, I started to pedal faster in order to finish my time earlier. How stupid can be innocence sometimes! I laughed at myself when I realized that what I was improving was my strength, but … Continua a leggere The Time I Live, The Time I feel

Those Mothers Over There

There are those mothers over there, the ones who have been prevented to celebrate with their sons their Mothers’ Day because they have been murdered by the hands of their children’d father… those mothers over there continue to be mothers however none could see them, however their children can give them no flower unless the one they put on their graves. Those mothers over there … Continua a leggere Those Mothers Over There