It’s Your Life Because Life Is Yours

Life is yours.You can choose not to live it or to live it fully including its storms. In any case it is yours, yours.What is the point, then, of wasting opportunities even if they hurt?What if that suffering were a possibility to improve yourself, look at what really matters, stop doubting of your ability to love and give and forgive?Life is yours, choose it. Choose … Continua a leggere It’s Your Life Because Life Is Yours

My Research

I wonder what I owe this inexhaustible desire / need to study, know, acquire awareness and develop consciousness.Curiosity, perhaps, but since this curiosity does not stop on the surface, it means that there is something stronger that animates it and that is not just pure thirst for knowledge.It is a research, in reality, which is not based on the emergency of seeking answers as much … Continua a leggere My Research

Ernest Hemingway: Il vecchio e il mare

“Il vecchio e il mare” (Mondadori, 1952) di Ernest Hemingway è indubbiamente un “classico”, ma nel suo senso più positivo. Un classico, cioè, che non è tale perché antico ed esemplare, ma perché è immortale, ed è immortale perché narra del per sempre.Come lo stesso Hemingway ebbe a dire in un’intervista, si tratta di un racconto, semplicemente di un racconto e tutti i significati e … Continua a leggere Ernest Hemingway: Il vecchio e il mare

When Heart Cries There Is More Than One Reason Why

I hold in my heart so many things that I cannot say, which belong to my heart and its destiny. It would be useless to tell them, since there are experiences, emotions, tears, which must be kept in a secret casket after having eliminated its key.These are stories that emerge in the gaze only in the presence of those who can read in your heart, … Continua a leggere When Heart Cries There Is More Than One Reason Why

Jonathan Coe: Numero Undici

Nel suo romanzo “Numero undici” (Feltrinelli, 2015) Jonathan Coe ci presenta una realtà sociale e politica che devasta il quotidiano dimostrando che nulla di quello che accade nella società possa non avere influenza nel quotidiano comune di ciascun cittadino.Gli eventi politici, i comportamenti sociali, lo sviluppo di realtà pseudo societarie come i reality show, la profonda e perenne divisione tra chi è ricco e ostenta … Continua a leggere Jonathan Coe: Numero Undici

Individualism Kills the Thought

Sometimes living seems completely unnatural to me.A paradox? A contradiction? A discontent? Who knows, maybe all and none.In reality, we have become so used to individualism that nothing more seems to recognize the value of exchange and comparison and, if these are lacking, living is nothing but vegetating in a condition of less industriousness than a blade of grass in a meadow. uncultivated.These days, inevitably, … Continua a leggere Individualism Kills the Thought