The right to truth

Yes, truth is a right. We all have the right to know the truth whatever it is, however harsh or difficult to be accepted. The right to truth guarantees each person that the choices we do depend on freedom and not on interest, that our life is protected against the falsity and the offenses which characterize the absence of truth and the dishonest hypocrisy. This … Continua a leggere The right to truth

M. C. Escher: Paradoxes and Points of View

Escher’s world has still once conquered my whole being. I know nothing about Maths and Physics, or really a little, but Escher has always attracted my attention because of his vision of nature and man and life altogether. This morning my feeling and attraction have been confirmed and, if possible, even increased. I have gone to visit the Exhibition dedicated to his works at PAN, … Continua a leggere M. C. Escher: Paradoxes and Points of View

The courage of simple things

We should teach children the courage of the simple things. We should tell them that the heroes of the ordinary are stronger than the imaginary heroes of tales or comics or movie they are inspired to. We should show them how more satisfying is to defeat the horrible ogres which populate our daily life respect to those that fulfill the horrid and deviated fantasy of … Continua a leggere The courage of simple things

‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ a never ending story.

Don’t Climb Over That Wall, and its Italian version “Non scavalcare quel muro” (2017/2018, Nulla Die editore), is and remains a book we should read because it is a true story, because it explains the mechanism which prepare to a feminicide, because it narrates the story of the many secondary victims of a domestic violence. We shouldn’t want to face this sort of suffering, we shouldn’t want to … Continua a leggere ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ a never ending story.

“Muganga, la guerra del dottor Mukwege” and our guilty silence.

Colette Braeckman is a journalist from Belgium who has become an expert about the African history and condition; Denis Mukwege is a doctor who received many prizes and  acknowledgments because of his action next to the women victims of war-raping, the last prize is the Nobel Prize for Peace 2018. This book is the result of the meeting between these two very honorable people who … Continua a leggere “Muganga, la guerra del dottor Mukwege” and our guilty silence.