Organized Hate Is Organizing the Social Death

I have often been asking myself the reason why many prefer hating to love. My answer has always been that they do because of their thirst for power. Hate produces fear and fears produce confusion and weakness. Hate harasses people provoking their feeling to be abandoned and their need to be protected. This reaction is such a sudden reaction that none as the time to … Continua a leggere Organized Hate Is Organizing the Social Death


I know a word, listening, which has become an optional unless you refer to your headphones or your mobiles. To tell the truth, I even don’t know if you are really listening to someone thanks to your instruments to hear or if you are simply fulfilling your mind of sounds and voices which could prevent you from really listening, ultimately. Indeed, if we stopped for … Continua a leggere Listening


Those are not simple stones, they are memories and perspectives. Flames have not burnt useless and empty stones, they have dug the feeling of a stability we desired though we could not feel as real anymore. Art and artists, experts and workers, nobles and poor have been joint by the same passion and love for such a beauty though with different feelings and results. Notre … Continua a leggere Stones


Smiling is never the simple wrinkle of one’s lips in order to show what they don’t feel. You can pretend to show you’re happy laughing ungracefully, but after that sort of  exhibition has finished nothing will remain of your pretended joy. Smiling is not appearing. You don’t smile by your mouth but by your eyes and they never lie because they look in the inside … Continua a leggere Smiling


In this obscene time divided between surveillance and spies, is there still room for a sincere relationship? In this dark time of delators and mud, is there still room for a clean loyalty? In this time of ogres and witches  dressed like for a party but with a black heart, is there still a place for the truth? In this time of misery and dark … Continua a leggere Spied