The face marked by history does not erase the clarity of the gaze that knows how to look beyond. Man’s heart is not made of appearance, but of the incessant beating of the heart of him who loves. Il volto segnato dalla storia non cancella la limpidezza dello sguardo che sa guardare oltre. Non di apparenza è fatto il cuore dell’Uomo, ma dal battito incessante … Continua a leggere Faces


Awareness, the ability to be present to yourself and to others without deceit, without ulterior motives, without the desire to satisfy the shortcomings caused by personal limitations by unloading them as insufficiencies on the shoulders of others.Awareness, more and more, becomes a rare gift, the gem that, if cared for and loved, can flourish in an honest and responsible ethical sense, but which, if neglected, … Continua a leggere Awareness