Ágnes Heller: a Mild Upright Woman

Here it is, she has gone as she has lived without fear and with the courage of her love for life and people. She has gone while she was swimming in Lake Balaton. Ágnes Heller has gone, but she has left everything of her as the eternal warning and suggestion to look for the essentials, because a life of gentleness and meaning is still possible. Many … Continua a leggere Ágnes Heller: a Mild Upright Woman

The Power of Ideas

Modern societies are societies that move without any rest. Technologies have facilitated our work and daily life, yet we have become more complicated. It happens probably because instead of implying our time to get some more time to think, we are wasting it in the research of those satisfactions that don’t really satisfy us while, on the contrary, grow our discontent. It seems a paradox … Continua a leggere The Power of Ideas

What Culture Says

Daily we assist to the abolition of culture and its value in our societies where growing is no more an input to become better, but the standardization to a useless  individual and individualistic economy. I propose this passage from my last essay to begin once more to give culture its right place and role. «Culture is a common experience that unites us and binds us … Continua a leggere What Culture Says


Children… They are all the same, but we have divided and buried them in the abyss of our egoism and discontent. Those children who have become the weapons of our self-performing hate, those children whom we have deprived of their innocence, those children whose names will be soon forgotten by the most, those children cry tears they shouldn’t cry: the tears of our ferocious and … Continua a leggere Children


You are there, however you are there. Smaller or greater, you are there. More or less white, you are there. Clear or hidden by the clouds, you are there. You are there and never betray our expectations or the dreams of a different world where discovery and research could be an input to do better and to be better. You are there, however you are … Continua a leggere Moon

Don’t Climb Over That Wall: a Story, a Life, a Choice

Yesterday, I had the possibility to speak with a very young woman, unmarried but with a baby and with visible violet bruises around her neck and her wrists. She was sad and the same bruises seemed to cover the light of her young eyes. She was taking care of my hair, for this reason we had plenty of time to spend together. She was deeply … Continua a leggere Don’t Climb Over That Wall: a Story, a Life, a Choice