Getting Used to Nothingness

My temptation before writing was to leave this page blank. How better could I represent the nothingness and the emptiness that are fulfilling and submersing our world? Unluckily,  this is happening thanks to the consent of many. Then, I changed my mind and decided that my temptation, however of impact for those who could understand it, could have walked the same feeling of abandon and … Continua a leggere Getting Used to Nothingness


I don’t define myself as an intellectual unless whoever could define himself/herself as an intellectual too. I want to explain this utterance which could appear as in contradiction with what I do, that is writing essays, novels and a blog. Who is an intellectual today? An intellectual is whoever uses his/her intellect to translate his/her role in the life in something which could be meaningful, whatever the … Continua a leggere Intellectuals

Unique Is Freedom

Unique is freedom, though to be free you must respect the others. As a matter of facts, you see, however unique your freedom is, you can never be free if your freedom causes other’s pain. I don’t speak of your freedom of thought, speech or choice which are the daughters of your unique freedom, I speak about the freedom of your conscience which is, in my opinion, … Continua a leggere Unique Is Freedom


Sometimes, we look at the other’s life as through a keyhole. We can see it, but we don’t share its whole complexity. Probably, we don’t want to spy, but certainly we don’t contemplate of them the whole beauty. What is the reason why of our limited vision? The keyhole itself. The keyhole, on one side should consent to us to admire the particulars, but on … Continua a leggere Keyhole

Ágnes Heller: a Mild Upright Woman

Here it is, she has gone as she has lived without fear and with the courage of her love for life and people. She has gone while she was swimming in Lake Balaton. Ágnes Heller has gone, but she has left everything of her as the eternal warning and suggestion to look for the essentials, because a life of gentleness and meaning is still possible. Many … Continua a leggere Ágnes Heller: a Mild Upright Woman

The Power of Ideas

Modern societies are societies that move without any rest. Technologies have facilitated our work and daily life, yet we have become more complicated. It happens probably because instead of implying our time to get some more time to think, we are wasting it in the research of those satisfactions that don’t really satisfy us while, on the contrary, grow our discontent. It seems a paradox … Continua a leggere The Power of Ideas