Practicing loyalty

It is with great pleasure that I’ve received a mail from one of my readers referred particularly to my last book ‘Cultura e culture. La Pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi‘ (Nulla Die, 2018). My reader, who authorized me to tell something about his email, has read also my novel ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ (Nulla Die, 2018) in its Italian version … Continua a leggere Practicing loyalty

The voice of water

I’ve received this story thanks to a letter that this young girl has written to me authorizing me to tell it. Obviously the name is fictional and the narration follows my personal narrative structure because there are stories which need to be narrated as to seem imaginary though they are true, so many the meanings they hide. To the ability of my readers I leave the choice to understand and … Continua a leggere The voice of water

Rights and duties

…I answer… I thank my gentle reader for his discussing with me the idea of rights and duties. He writes “In your books and writings I can perceive a strong feeling of integrity. Gentleness is never separated from severity and rights never are from duties”.  Really, I don’t know how much I have succeeded to embody the integrity I long for, I hope to be on … Continua a leggere Rights and duties