My Pen

…I answer…  The pen on paper has like a sound that accompanies the words, presents them, offers them and engages them in the fixity of a gaze that alone understands their meaning. I am not writing for the hype or success, but because there is nothing else I can do to follow up on the care and attention for history and stories, reflection and reflections, the … Continua a leggere My Pen


I don’t know if I’m a writer, I don’t like definitions. I know that, through writing, my relationship with the world and time does not stop at the present moment of rational inequality, but captures the flow of life that does not concern only myself and my possible selfishness, as much as the life of the other with which it feeds and feeds while welcoming … Continua a leggere Writing

Facing Life

I answer… However difficult it could be, writing is facing life. I have often heard that those who write want to escape from life, nothing of more false, even when the style of your words is fantasy or tales, never once you can escape your condition and your being. Writing is a research and it follows the route of your own choice even though it … Continua a leggere Facing Life


…I answer… A gentle reader has asked me if I am angry to see that people does not read a lot and that those who read often prefer reading simple and amusing books to the real stories people live. Well, I thank my reader for the question and because he is suggesting from London to read my “Don’t Climb Over That Wall” (2018, Nulla Die … Continua a leggere Writing

Education First

I answer… Today I want to answer to one of my readers who specifically asks: “Why did you stop writing about adolescents? Your writing is full of important tips and I love reading them”. I thank you because of your interest for me, I thank you to give me the opportunity to speak about an issue which is important to me too. Well, the first thing … Continua a leggere Education First

Practicing loyalty

It is with great pleasure that I’ve received a mail from one of my readers referred particularly to my last book ‘Cultura e culture. La Pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi‘ (Nulla Die, 2018). My reader, who authorized me to tell something about his email, has read also my novel ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ (Nulla Die, 2018) in its Italian version … Continua a leggere Practicing loyalty

The voice of water

I’ve received this story thanks to a letter that this young girl has written to me authorizing me to tell it. Obviously the name is fictional and the narration follows my personal narrative structure because there are stories which need to be narrated as to seem imaginary though they are true, so many the meanings they hide. To the ability of my readers I leave the choice to understand and … Continua a leggere The voice of water