Gail Honeyman: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Gail Honeyman’s novel,  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, as stolen my heart beyond my attention because its first-person narration makes you feel you were Eleanor, however different your personal experience. I will not say anything about the plot which is interesting and intriguing, because I think that a novel should never be revealed to let the readers to taste it by themselves. However, I will say … Continua a leggere Gail Honeyman: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Mina Welby: “L’ultimo gesto d’amore”

Una storia nota nella lunga lotta per l’autodeterminazione fino all’ultimo respiro. Una storia che esula qualsiasi concezione politica e moralistica perché deve essere letta per quello che è: una scelta.    Affrontare la propria malattia e scegliere di non essere medicalizzato a dismisura; affrontare la malattia di chi amiamo e lasciare che l’oggetto del nostro amore sia soggetto della propria libertà di scelta e discernimento e … Continua a leggere Mina Welby: “L’ultimo gesto d’amore”

Michela Marzano: Idda

“Idda” di Michela Marzano, è un romanzo che porta al cuore di se stessi. Esso non è solo un invito, ma la constatazione oggettiva che entrando nelle storie degli altri è possibile entrare anche negli anfratti più nascosti del dialogo con se stessi e la propria storia, soprattutto in quegli aspetti spesso lasciati in sospeso e non rivelati neanche a se stessi. Attraverso la malattia … Continua a leggere Michela Marzano: Idda

“Vox” by Christina Dalcher

“Vox”, a novel by Christina Dalcher published by Editrice Nord, is one of those novels which makes you think about something greatly interesting because it touches issues which are important and actual despite the simulation of fantasy. It is a modern dystopia in a time not too far from the present which seems to interpret the natural consequence of a male typical attitude towards women: … Continua a leggere “Vox” by Christina Dalcher

Gramsci, cultura e culture   Scrivere, parlare, pensare, agire: tutto esprime cultura. Cultura non è solo conoscenza, ma consapevolezza della propria realtà che si apre al confronto con realtà che sembrano lontane. Cultura è rivelare la propria visione che si arricchisce della dimensione dell’altro. Gramsci è maestro e guida in questo percorso; egli intuisce che il ruolo della cultura in una società non è quello di conservare e … Continua a leggere Gramsci, cultura e culture

Ian McEwan: The Children Act

Ian McEwan’s The Children Act, whose title in Italian is La ballata di Adam Henry, is a book to be read, definitely. A title that in both the languages seems to capture essential points of the narration: the children act because children play their game somewhat better than adults and sometimes with more coherence; the ballad of Adam Henry not only for its reference to S. B. Yeats’ ballad, Là nei … Continua a leggere Ian McEwan: The Children Act

Donne Cucite di Sabrina Avakian

Today, 6th February, I feel as a duty my words against the Female Genital Mutilation. It is a day when, wherever in the world, people speak about Zero Tolerance Against the Female Genital Mutilation. It is a day which should be every day because many are the reasons to stop these mutilations and they belong to different aspects of our daily life: religion, society, medicine, … Continua a leggere Donne Cucite di Sabrina Avakian

Zygmunt Bauman: Alone Again. Ethics After Certainty

Unworthily but humbly I set myself to speak about this short, but infinite essay written by Zygmunt Bauman. Once more I feel I miss his words and thoughts though they have become eternal after his death and continue to grow and suggest a sense for a possible society, despite his research and observation of human beings has been somewhat interrupted. I know it continues in … Continua a leggere Zygmunt Bauman: Alone Again. Ethics After Certainty

Vincenza d’Esculapio: La torre d’avorio

The Ivory Tower  is a novel written by Vincenza d’Esculapio who, with a language simple and direct however pertinent and refined, tells the story of Eveline and her husband who surrender to the seduction of the Geova witnesses renouncing, at first, to accept their own reality. The ivory tower is, as a matter of fact, the metaphor of those who close themselves in something which can give … Continua a leggere Vincenza d’Esculapio: La torre d’avorio

‘The Leisure Seeker’: the story of a rational nostalgia

The Leisure Seeker written by Michael Zadoorian has been for me a pleasant but also a confusing reading. It has been really like a mixture of irrational and rational feelings in  a comprehensible though sometimes impossible to face nostalgia for what we have been and we are no more. A return to the past whose end will never be a return to the present, however present is … Continua a leggere ‘The Leisure Seeker’: the story of a rational nostalgia