Another Year

Another year has gone. Another year lived with joy or concern, fears and expectations, is almost leaving the present time to be remembered as a good one or a bad one according to the events each one has consumed or shared. Another year has gone, full of our lost experiences and of those which survive inside ourselves deep in the main promise, probably the most … Continua a leggere Another Year

Why Are We Hate Addict?

Hate is like a flame that burns everything without leaving nothing alive. Yet, it is contagious and produces addiction. Why are we hate addict? Moreover, why love does not create the same addiction as well? I suppose it is because loving is sacrificing, because it implies to make choices which sometimes could induce sufferance, and, eventually, because the one who loves is not immediately rewarded … Continua a leggere Why Are We Hate Addict?


Language is never a passive instrument, it always celebrates or denigrates someone or something; it is the most immediate mean of communication when expressed through words, but there are other languages sometimes more meaningful and honest than the words: the not-verbal language, the language which cannot hide behind false and flattering words the real feelings and emotions one feels. Even the silence is somewhat more … Continua a leggere Words

Vincenza d’Esculapio: La torre d’avorio

The Ivory Tower  is a novel written by Vincenza d’Esculapio who, with a language simple and direct however pertinent and refined, tells the story of Eveline and her husband who surrender to the seduction of the Geova witnesses renouncing, at first, to accept their own reality. The ivory tower is, as a matter of fact, the metaphor of those who close themselves in something which can give … Continua a leggere Vincenza d’Esculapio: La torre d’avorio