Books Are Never Only Words

Writing, today, is not easy because everyone wants to write no matter what the meaning of what they say, the truth about their stories and reflections, the consistency between writing and life. This is a drama for those who in writing put that spirit, protected and never lost, that speaks about freedom and honesty, dignity and care of the voices they are telling about as … Continua a leggere Books Are Never Only Words


There are plenty of undertones in colors, none of them less important than the other, none of them less essential. Each of them, indeed, represents a different possibility for the same color to represent itself and to underline its meaning. Imagine a sunset without its undertones. It would not be so fascinating and moving as it appears to our eyes in the evenings if we … Continua a leggere Undertones

Don’t Climb Over That Wall

Someone has written to me asking some information about my novel ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ which has been published both in English and Italian (Non scavalcare quel muro). I answered privately to some questions, but here I want to propose a review. You can buy the book on the best book-shops online or requiring it to the Publisher Nulla die at the following … Continua a leggere Don’t Climb Over That Wall


I’ve got my degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures many years ago, I have always loved the languages and the cultures which I approached by speaking with my American friends and by reading many books both in English and in my homeland language. I have a passion for languages, because since I was a child I realized that a language is not a simple composition … Continua a leggere Words