Today, contrary to the usual spasm of the news that tears us apart, of the policy that worries us, of the sport that delights us or disappoints us or both together … Today it is good to talk about the heroes of nothingness. The heroes of nothingness are not heroes by accident, like Dustin Hoffman in the movie of the same name. The heroes of … Continua a leggere Heroes

All Animals Are Equal

“All animals are equal … but some animals are more equal than others”, a beautiful example of modification of a law by the new powers described by the skillful hand of George Orwell in his unforgettable allegorical fairy tale “Animal Farm”. What does it mean? Why do I use it as an incipit of this reflection? Let’s start with the first question: what does it mean? To … Continua a leggere All Animals Are Equal

The Face of Renunciation

You don’t want to have to say “no”, but there are occasions when you shouldn’t be put in the condition of having to say “no”. There is a difficult balance between what you would like to be able to offer and what from the (often economic) circumstances you are forced to deny. Those who receive the rejection suffer, but more suffer those who are forced … Continua a leggere The Face of Renunciation

Living like the Heliotrope, Also Known as “Sunflower”

Live like in a dream … die like in a video game … separated from reality in the atrocious beauty and pain of life and death, without understanding anything either of one or the other. What is the reality? A time made of contrasting contrasts even among them; a time made up of voices that blather and accuse even themselves, but without realizing it; a … Continua a leggere Living like the Heliotrope, Also Known as “Sunflower”

Hate is Never a Case

Hate is never a coincidence, but a subtle way of constructing false enemies in order to obtain privileges and consents that otherwise one would not be able to earn. Hating and propagating hate is easier than committing to building relationships of peace and love. In fact, perhaps due to a primordial need for self-protection, human beings are easily led to think that the others can represent … Continua a leggere Hate is Never a Case

Courageous and Free Conscience

Courage is never an action without conscience because it is never an instantaneous and not thought action, but the action that follows a way of living and believe. Courage is what we are and what we believe that can make us courageous and not the limited reaction to an event that involves us. Courage is more than improvisation, it is the expression of our coherence between … Continua a leggere Courageous and Free Conscience