Every morning, with Kim, I find the carefree smile of pranks and jokes that have the scent of innocence, I discover bonds that seemed impossible but which, instead, turn out to be indissoluble.Every morning I find with Kim the strength to look at beautiful and simple things and, through these, enjoy and give signs of life.Every morning I start again, every morning passes dizzyingly. Ogni … Continua a leggere Kim


There is a dimension of being that does not allow for exceptions and for which everyone is and must be fully responsible: honesty.In fact, one cannot claim to attribute the cause of one’s dishonesty to another; if I’m dishonest it’s because I chose it.Dishonesty, in fact, depends on an ethical abandonment which in turn derives from a choice… often of convenience.The point, then, is not … Continua a leggere Honesty

Miguel De Cervantes: Don Chisciotte della Mancia

I due volumi che compongono la storia di “Don Chisciotte della Mancia” (Einaudi, 1956) di Miguel de Cervantes che includono un saggio di Erich Auerbach e sono accompagnati dalle illustrazioni di Gustave Doré, sono di una bellezza raffinata e accurata.Mi piacerebbe scrivere un’analisi letteraria su questo libro che ha mille voci e mille risorse sia dal punto di vista del significato che del significante, ma … Continua a leggere Miguel De Cervantes: Don Chisciotte della Mancia


Persistence: stubborn and sometimes even angry insistence. Yes, I think it fits the situation. How to define what now happens? A few days before the first anniversary of the surgery that marked the beginning of an unequal fight against cancer, I find myself organizing visits and investigations in the hope that they will prevent bone recurrences. This morning, then, after Kim’s nice and tender good … Continua a leggere Persistence


This blind time of ours takes any breath away. There are natural disasters everywhere in the world, most of them caused by our starvation and we, instead of working to rescue the Earth and people, build social catastrophes from which no survivors are expected. We create distances and separations, conflicts and discriminations, we destroy what sense builds to assemble what sense should find abject. The … Continua a leggere Tombstones