Respect Words

Respect words, words are bonds, they are bridges that weaken and collapse under the weight of that hunger and thirst for power that satisfies only personal greed, under the load of those false needs that flaunt self-power and mockery towards those who know necessity and need what it is. Words, however, are also hooks that fish among the rights betrayed the honest voices of those … Continua a leggere Respect Words

The Story of One is the Story of Everyone

I’m re-reading the print draft of my new novel and I’m getting excited, for the story itself, but also because I recognize an increasingly mature style that does not betray the thought that feeds it but, on the contrary, enriches it with shareable meanings that build bridges in the stories between people and that tells something not only true, but of which each one can … Continua a leggere The Story of One is the Story of Everyone

Writing Is the Voice of my Hope

Writing is the voice of my hope, of my active hope, since no hope can only be chimera and dispersion of thought. Hope is active to the extent that each in the way and in accordance with its own style, acts that hope that becomes reality or, at least, becomes a concrete sign in the common actions of their daily life.Writing, then, is the voice … Continua a leggere Writing Is the Voice of my Hope

News from Now-Here. Esistenza e finzione.

Joy is simple, it is a gift. Last night I was the subject of such a gift. I received a copy of Il Convivio’s magazine “Letteratura e Pensiero” which includes the review by Professor Claudio Tugnoli dedicated to my book “News from Now-Here. Existence and fiction” (Nulla die, 2020), it was a welcome a great honor to have been part of such an accurate, commented, … Continua a leggere News from Now-Here. Esistenza e finzione.