“Ali per volare”, a True Story

I started reading “Ali per volare” (Guide, 2023) in an attempt to pretend it wasn’t my experience, but it’s impossible. Every word is a memory that stirs up deep emotions, every word becomes a precise image in my gaze and evokes feelings and memories that cannot be changed or forgotten and from which it is impossible for me to distance myself. This, for a reader … Continua a leggere “Ali per volare”, a True Story

My Next Book

I am rereading the draft of my new book and I get excited. I won’t deny that I have a certain difficulty in reliving through writing the often painful emotions of this last year, from the discovery of my disease to the beginning of the new cycle of treatments. I get excited because it seems incredible to me the mere fact of having arrived so … Continua a leggere My Next Book

Writing Life

Over the years, writing has increasingly become for me not an art form, but the way in which I manage to give shape to reality, especially the one that is not talked about, the one that remains hidden in the indifference of the blind and in the detachment of the deaf.It is evident that there is always something of me in what I write, if … Continua a leggere Writing Life

Dallo Scaffale al web recensisce “Giulia”

“Giulia” di Loredana De Vita Giulia” l’ultimo intimistico lavoro dell’autrice Loredana  De Vita, descrive con accuratezza il mondo interiore di una donna che a poco a poco si risveglierà da un lungo coma. Una storia di rinascita che spingerà la protagonista a rivalutare la sua vita prima di quell’infausto evento che, tuttavia, le ha aperto gli occhi. Contraddizione, questa,  grazie alla quale possiamo scorgere la … Continua a leggere Dallo Scaffale al web recensisce “Giulia”


(…)Cindy looked at them, smiled at them knowing they couldn’t understand her. Her world was too different, too far away for them, so accustomed to looking and looking after only their surroundings, to be understood. She did not give up, however, she did not give up, in her land her surrender was not contemplated, each surrender was an act of courage that involved getting up … Continua a leggere Cindy

Edward Scissorshands

Edward Scissorshands is a film by Tim Burton from 1990 that I often watch again not only because it is a beautiful film, but because it always offers new ideas and interpretations.What I report is a chapter dedicated to this film, taken from my essay “Donne allo specchio. Immagini e cultura del femminile” (Nulla die, 2014).This film, stripped of its magical vision, leaves an indelible … Continua a leggere Edward Scissorshands