There Is a Meaning in Writing

No, I cannot say whether or not my writings are successful, I do not care, because what, today, is successful in appearance, very often follows a line of clichés and repetitions that do not belong to me in any respect. I am not interested in success, but in dialogue, in confrontation, in criticism, in reflection. I get a little scared when I get superficial compliments … Continua a leggere There Is a Meaning in Writing

The Story of One Is the Story of Everyone

… I answer… A gentle reader of “Don’t Climb Over That Wall” tells me about the strong but engaging pain she felt in reading me, of her not being able to do without “feeling part of it even though she did not experience or directly know someone who has experienced a history like that. I read them in the newspapers and followed them on television, … Continua a leggere The Story of One Is the Story of Everyone

Books Are Never Only Words

Writing, today, is not easy because everyone wants to write no matter what the meaning of what they say, the truth about their stories and reflections, the consistency between writing and life. This is a drama for those who in writing put that spirit, protected and never lost, that speaks about freedom and honesty, dignity and care of the voices they are telling about as … Continua a leggere Books Are Never Only Words

Don’t Climb Over That Wall

Someone has written to me asking some information about my novel ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ which has been published both in English and Italian (Non scavalcare quel muro). I answered privately to some questions, but here I want to propose a review. You can buy the book on the best book-shops online or requiring it to the Publisher Nulla die at the following … Continua a leggere Don’t Climb Over That Wall

What Culture Says

Daily we assist to the abolition of culture and its value in our societies where growing is no more an input to become better, but the standardization to a useless  individual and individualistic economy. I propose this passage from my last essay to begin once more to give culture its right place and role. «Culture is a common experience that unites us and binds us … Continua a leggere What Culture Says

Don’t Climb Over That Wall: a Story, a Life, a Choice

Yesterday, I had the possibility to speak with a very young woman, unmarried but with a baby and with visible violet bruises around her neck and her wrists. She was sad and the same bruises seemed to cover the light of her young eyes. She was taking care of my hair, for this reason we had plenty of time to spend together. She was deeply … Continua a leggere Don’t Climb Over That Wall: a Story, a Life, a Choice