They come down the face, they pass down the cheeks,they dive at the corner of the lips,they slide down and chase their destiny.From above the skykindly smiles,the mooncaresses your trembling face,a starturns on a lightin your sad and tired eyes.It is already tomorrow. Scendono lungo il viso,valicano le gote,si immergono all’angolo delle labbra,scivolano giù e rincorrono il loro destino.Dall’alto il cielogentilmente sorride,la lunaaccarezza il volto … Continua a leggere Tears


I have taught English Language and Literature for 28 years, the synthesis of my relationship with the students is summarized in my book “Alla scoperta dell’invisibile. Adolescenti alla ricerca di sé” (Nulla die, 2015), then I left not to betray the reason of my teaching: edu-care, which means a particular attention for the action of educating both as formation and knowledge. It is not easy … Continua a leggere Edu-care

I Can’t Breathe

Yesterday, for the umpteenth time, the cry of humanity was not heard. Looking at the images that have gone around the world was like receiving that same pressure on my neck and feeling suffocated in the same way, because there is no greater crime than someone who, with the pretense of defense, kills.I say “claim”, because I don’t want to discuss here whether or not … Continua a leggere I Can’t Breathe


#ILoveWriting I don’t know how it will end, and if it will ever end. Writing is like an uncultivated field that you travel in search of seeds among the weeds and then you realize how precious those weeds are and that they also have a reason to live. So, while you separate a thread from the other, in the patience of a job that requires … Continua a leggere #ILoveWriting

Loredana De Vita: 24 Maggio dei libri e degli editori

Vi aspetto domani, 24 maggio, ore 17:30 per una chiacchierata conclusiva. Sulla pagina dell’evento https://www.facebook.com/events/930851957368026/ o sulla mia pagina Facebook https://www.facebook.com/loredana.devita1 . I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, May 24, 5:30 pm for a final chat. On the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/930851957368026/ or on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/loredana.devita1.   Continua a leggere Loredana De Vita: 24 Maggio dei libri e degli editori