Let’s Give a Smile

Let’s give others and give ourselves a smile. All this discontent that turns into anger is not the solution.Dissatisfied and angry people pour out their discontent everywhere. It is an anger that is always heterodirect but which, probably, is nothing but anger towards themselves, an unmentionable and atrocious anger, even more atrocious precisely because it cannot be named: anger for our own inconclusiveness.It is a … Continua a leggere Let’s Give a Smile


These days I have realized how impossible is not to be surrounded by a veil of melancholy, but it is not bad, melancholy is not bad.In fact, melancholy and sadness are not the same thing. Sadness carries within it the feeling of the inevitable, melancholy is the search for a solution to the inevitable.Melancholy, while showing itself with physical signs of tiredness and disorientation, lights … Continua a leggere Melancholy

Colson Whitehead: La ferrovia sotterranea

Il romanzo di Colson Whitehead “La ferrovia sotterranea” (Sur, 2017), ha ricevuto numerosi premi (Premio Pulitzer, il National Book Award , il Premio Arthur C. Clarke e la Medaglia Andrew Carnegie per l’eccellenza nella narrativa), tutti ampiamente meritati sia per lo stile dell’autore che per la storia in sé. Da questo romanzo è stata tratta anche una serie televisiva.L’ambientazione del romanzo è l’America della metà … Continua a leggere Colson Whitehead: La ferrovia sotterranea

The Tempest

The terrible storm seems to have been the outburst of an angry sky against human ignorance. How small we are! And how helpless, despite the confused ranting of our presumption. After the storm, only you, moon, can reconcile the extremes in the strong embrace of your smile. La terribile tempesta sembra essere stata lo sfogo di un cielo arrabbiato contro l’umana insipienza. Quanto piccoli siamo! … Continua a leggere The Tempest