Spiral of violence

There is an indiscriminate growth of violence everywhere against everyone. When you start reading a newspaper, wherever it comes from, you read about violence: physical, verbal, psychological… It seems that the one answer to dissatisfaction and discontent could be violence, or that it could fulfill the emptiness we feel in life. It seems that violence has become a sort of shelter from dismay and desperation … Continua a leggere Spiral of violence

Consistency is never obstinacy

If you have a thought, or a belief, or a decision and want them to become concrete, a certain amount of courage, perseverance and tenacity is needed. However, each of these qualities needs to be flexible to support your wish and you aim. A consistent elasticity, obviously, the one which never betrays your feelings giving them the opportunity to be enriched by new discoveries and … Continua a leggere Consistency is never obstinacy

Giustina: searching for the sky

I met Giustina through the dramatic chronicle of her assassination… however nothing the chronicle has told me about Giustina. Only her parents and relatives’ words who picked up her pain but also her joy of living, her courage, the strength of her smile despite everything, the tenacity in not believing herself lost and to look  for a meaning to her love, her dedication to her … Continua a leggere Giustina: searching for the sky

Too much ado about nothing

Shakespeare is always right! Too much ado about nothing seems to have become the motto we use to speak and chat about everything but without saying anything essential, unknowingly perhaps. There are so many rumors everywhere around us, so many events, so many quarrels, so many of everything, but nothing represents deeply who we are. We dive ourselves in the crowd of no-sensical words and … Continua a leggere Too much ado about nothing

Nostalgia and absence

As ghosts in the night, thoughts and nostalgias moves around. Someone or something which is missing and lacking you reveal your feelings, but they are not the same. Nostalgia move you back to something you had and you miss, probably the sweetness of a love or the teddy-bear you grasped in despair. The absence inspires something or someone whose void will never be fulfilled by the … Continua a leggere Nostalgia and absence