Isabel Allende: Violeta

L’ultimo romanzo di Isabel Allende, “Violeta” (Feltrinelli, 2022), è una carezza delicata nonostante la durezza molteplice della storia narrata; sembra voler raccontare al lettore che oltre il dolore, le persecuzioni, i disagi e l’impotenza esiste tutto un mondo di cui farsi carico e da amare.Così, la Allende riesce a mettere “in scena” la storia di “Violeta” dalla nascita nel 1920 al tempo dell’epidemia dell’influenza Spagnola, … Continua a leggere Isabel Allende: Violeta

Vicious Circuit

Lives wasted, energy wasted, “collateral” damage of various kinds, devastating psychological effects, the economy that is shaking, but above all human damage, damage to every human being on one side or the other of the barricade.This is a war.No winners, no losers, all losers.Destruction, only destruction in an age that screams to be rebuilt by banishing waste and differences, feeding the good of the Earth … Continua a leggere Vicious Circuit


During the third chemotherapy Nothong good today, everything seems more complex. I myself don’t really want to look around me or to listen to the insistent buzz of cell phones that populate the noisy and indifferent time that strongly marks the distance between the inside and the outside.The situation seems unreal, surreal to me. We are all strangers to everything and to ourselves more.I try … Continua a leggere Beyond

The Language of Peace

I have been teaching languages ​​for many years, but I have never stopped at just the sign or pronunciation. I dug into respect, knowledge, comparison and sharing of the other’s story. I tried, together with “my kids”, to build a language that was not only technical but human towards people and cultures.In short, I tried to convey an idiom of peace and love, exactly what … Continua a leggere The Language of Peace

The Power of a Smile

Providing a serene and unexpected laugh despite all and everything is the good morning I wish everyone on stormy days as well as on peaceful ones. The power of the smile is destabilizing, it forces us to abandon fear, irritation, boredom, anger … Who knows, maybe we should arm ourselves and the armies of the whole world with this unique weapon, the smile. Provocare una … Continua a leggere The Power of a Smile