Michela Marzano: Idda

“Idda” di Michela Marzano, è un romanzo che porta al cuore di se stessi. Esso non è solo un invito, ma la constatazione oggettiva che entrando nelle storie degli altri è possibile entrare anche negli anfratti più nascosti del dialogo con se stessi e la propria storia, soprattutto in quegli aspetti spesso lasciati in sospeso e non rivelati neanche a se stessi. Attraverso la malattia … Continua a leggere Michela Marzano: Idda

The Mankind Spirit

I still believe it exists! It is the Mankind spirit which will keep us safe from the the worldwide cruelty that is oppressing us. It is the same Mankind spirit that G. Orwell made Wilson (in ‘1984) speak about despite the tortures he was undergoing, despite the infinite feeling of desperation that made him grasp to the smallest crumb of courage which has remained next … Continua a leggere The Mankind Spirit


Sometimes, you feel as you were returning back to your childhood in the need to perceive the essentials from a life which too often is wasted in following useless and meaningless certainties. Those are the moments when you try to return to the origins and recover your innocence and the hopes that consuetudes have banned from your heart. So, you start contemplating the stars with … Continua a leggere Dreams

Organized Hate Is Organizing the Social Death

I have often been asking myself the reason why many prefer hating to love. My answer has always been that they do because of their thirst for power. Hate produces fear and fears produce confusion and weakness. Hate harasses people provoking their feeling to be abandoned and their need to be protected. This reaction is such a sudden reaction that none as the time to … Continua a leggere Organized Hate Is Organizing the Social Death

Paper Words

A book in your hands is a friend in your mind. It does not matter if you agree or not with the author’s thought, what matters is that you can confront your own ideas and look for an answer to your questions while you continue asking and answering all you life long, because your life could remain a research and not a limited border. Paper … Continua a leggere Paper Words


I know a word, listening, which has become an optional unless you refer to your headphones or your mobiles. To tell the truth, I even don’t know if you are really listening to someone thanks to your instruments to hear or if you are simply fulfilling your mind of sounds and voices which could prevent you from really listening, ultimately. Indeed, if we stopped for … Continua a leggere Listening