Never Withdraw from Consciousness

I have often encountered violence in my life and it has often been augmented by silence.Thus, in fact, silence allows violence, increases it and determines its spread. Why? Because the silence in the face of the violence that one suffers or that one sees others undergo, is a way to escape the questions of our conscience.Yet, it is clear, not because we presume to ignore … Continua a leggere Never Withdraw from Consciousness

The Untold Story

The number of women “made dead” increases in the indifferent habit of most.In the name of a presumed or misunderstood freedom, we lose our time and attention to things that should not even be discussed because used to protect everyone’s health, but no action is taken and directed against the repeated and increasingly frequent crimes perpetrated to the detriment of the freedom and life of … Continua a leggere The Untold Story

Freccia, my Little Old She-Dog

Freccia, my little old she-dog, tonight, was very bad. Again another convulsive crisis, of course, but each time worse perhaps not so much for the intensity, but for her ability to react. Anyway, crawling and slamming, she comes looking for me and we meet halfway because my light and alert sleep immediately alarms me of her discomfort and I run to her to support her. … Continua a leggere Freccia, my Little Old She-Dog

It’s Daytime

“Starting” the house in the morning is a source, for me, of joy and profound wonder.They are small and usual daily gestures that have been repeated for years, but which give the well-being of consolation from the uncertainties and worries that the life of each person entails, precisely inasmuch as they are alive.The cup of chamomile tea, sipped slowly while browsing the Italian and foreign … Continua a leggere It’s Daytime