Pain of Living

“I have often encountered the pain of living” (E. Montale), a dimension that goes beyond the poetry that represents its existence in the small and large things of the universe to penetrate that inner silence caused and/or provoked as a continuation of the pain of body.This is how the disease and its consequences appear to me today almost like a never cathartic nemesis in the … Continua a leggere Pain of Living

The Ethics of the Word

Yesterday I followed online a beautiful seminar on “Austrian Poetry” about which I really know very little. Many food for thought aroused by the topic, but, above all, thanks to the competent and clear rapporteur, Prof. Paola Maria Filippi.In particular, I was struck by the poet Ingeborg Bachman and her union between poetry and philosophy in search of an “ethical word” that could be a … Continua a leggere The Ethics of the Word

Every Little Thing

Every new thing I study or those already known I delve into become intact horizons for me to explore and original routes to travel along the trail of my life over time and beyond it. Ogni cosa nuova che studio o quelle note che approfondisco diventano per me orizzonti intatti da esplorare e originali rotte da percorrere lungo la scia della mia vita nel tempo … Continua a leggere Every Little Thing

Getting Lost

One can feel lost in a suspended time; lost, without the ability to think; wounded, by the aggression of a continually changing itinerary from which one cannot escape.Yet, it is precisely this dimension of suspension that leads to the root of thought and spurs us to give consistency to the ephemeral so that it becomes substance.It is no longer the big projects or the great … Continua a leggere Getting Lost


Sometimes the disappointments are great, others smaller, but what matters is to be able in any case, in the face of them, to preserve the honesty of one’s discernment.The more time passes, the more the senseless mesh of my personal illness thickens, the more my sensitivity grows which, fortunately, continues not to be self-directed.It is for this reason, perhaps, that the greatest disappointments are not … Continua a leggere Disappointment

Am I Dreaming?

My watch shows 01:01, so yes, it’s true, it’s already tomorrow. Yet, I am awake like yesterday and insomnia makes me perceive time as if it were dilated.In a few moments it is as if you were living whole hours, the inner time surpasses the chronological time in depth dimension.It is a time to reconcile, a time in which it is not only the action … Continua a leggere Am I Dreaming?

Every Day

Every day I wonder who I am, where I’m going and why I follow that path and not another. I wonder not because I forget it, but to strengthen my motivations.It’s easy to let ourselves be thrown into turmoil by the events that happen around us and by those that change one’s personal condition as a human being, yet, even in the worst situations, we … Continua a leggere Every Day