I’m Tired of Everything But of Freedom

Sometimes we ask too much of ourselves as if our form of resistance could change into a kind of omnipotence. The truth, however, is that we are wrong.The resistance to which I entrust myself has an intrinsic limitation in the fact of being “resistance”, since in resisting always something of oneself is lost. You cannot hold back everything, remain the same, even if sometimes it … Continua a leggere I’m Tired of Everything But of Freedom

Where Is Your Conscience?

Man’s conscience, man’s spirit, should lead to saving lives not annihilating them.Human intelligence should be used to support scientific research for good and not for abject purposes. The heart of man should beat faster so that every resource, every energy, is addressed to the safeguard of men all over the world as well as to the preservation of every corner of creation in the same … Continua a leggere Where Is Your Conscience?


I stun myself with music and sing aloud so that my voice is the voice of every voice that strikes my heart.Music has always been my voice when it seemed to me that I no longer had one, when the darkness in my heart was too dark and my breath too short.Music, like a lover who comforts and gives strength and energy to my resistance.Music, … Continua a leggere Music

Never End

Everything begins and ends, but nothing really dies as life continues in the sign of the other.What is the origin of the end? Does the end really exist? Are we not ourselves who really determine our end when we stop believing in something and in ourselves?Starting over is never easy, but giving up trying is a loss of meaning.The pain experienced and unfinished pushes me … Continua a leggere Never End

Resisting Because Innocent

The physical and psychological effects of chemotherapy are indeed devastating. They are so strong that I fear they will never pass, yet the resistance is also the demonstration of how much stronger the spirit of Man can be, of how much willpower is a more absolute barrier than the evil that tears apart.Concentrating on this strength and this resistance validates the power that man can … Continua a leggere Resisting Because Innocent

Interior Landscapes

I love landscapes, marine ones as well as mountain ones, each different, each unique, but more I love those inner landscapes that learn to reveal themselves with simplicity and kindness, like caresses that in welcoming give all of themselves.They are landscapes in which the beautiful and the ugly coexist but do not affront each other, instead they confront each other and in the dialogue often … Continua a leggere Interior Landscapes