Andrea Morra: “Il contrario di Lockdown” – documentario

The very interesting documentary by Andrea Morra on the emotional impact that the coronavirus has had on our lives is truly worthy of being watched and shared. I believe everyone can find something of themselves. One more reason to give rise to a better present, less distracted and more respectful of life and others. Look at it and share it. L’interessantissimo documentario di Andrea Morra … Continua a leggere Andrea Morra: “Il contrario di Lockdown” – documentario

A Dream

Tonight I had a strange but beautiful dream. I cannot interpret it, but the tenderness that it left gives me a feeling of nostalgia. There was a voice that always repeated the same words to me “Write, hurry up, write!”. It was not a warning, rather a determined invitation, almost peremptory, but sweet, because confidence showed through that hard yet so mild inflection of the … Continua a leggere A Dream