Get Up Early

Getting up early in the morning becomes like a form of reassurance. Everything is in its place, asleep in silence, waiting to be part of that somewhat messy daily life that will restore its life.The most beautiful thing, however, is that in the silence of the night you can, without being intrusive, control and caress the breath of your loved one, the breath of your … Continua a leggere Get Up Early

Who Is a Father?

It’s strange!-What’s strange?-Everyone wishes for dad …-Of course, it’s Father’s Day …-But they make them even if their dad is dead!-It is a way of remembering that they love him.-If they loved him, he already knows … but did he love them?-Sure, he was a dad!-Do all fathers love their children?-Yes, of course.-It’s not true! Mine didn’t love me.-Maybe he didn’t know how to show … Continua a leggere Who Is a Father?

No Victim Is by Chance

A brief history of anxiety.An evening like many in this period of “Campania in the Red Zone”. The television on the news, the setting up of a normal dinner, the latest “smart working” phone calls … in short, normalcy. Then, sirens run on the street and immediately the thought goes to some family that, poor thing, is coping with the Covid problem at the forefront. … Continua a leggere No Victim Is by Chance


I chase my dreams as if they were cotton balls suspended in the cotton wool of a flock of clouds that embraces the dawn in its adamant sky. What the goal, what the destiny, what the voice that will sacrifice her song to the new day? What is the courage, what is the strength, what is the desire that accompanies this flight beyond the desert … Continua a leggere Clouds