Interior Strength

Sometimes you lose track of your thoughts and your life.Everything fades as if the sound of time could slowly erase its voice.These are the moments in which one feels useless and believes that any time spent searching for meaning has been in vain.Yet, these same moments are the ones in which you have the opportunity to grow your personal credibility and your authenticity as much … Continua a leggere Interior Strength


Every morning, with Kim, I find the carefree smile of pranks and jokes that have the scent of innocence, I discover bonds that seemed impossible but which, instead, turn out to be indissoluble.Every morning I find with Kim the strength to look at beautiful and simple things and, through these, enjoy and give signs of life.Every morning I start again, every morning passes dizzyingly. Ogni … Continua a leggere Kim


Persistence: stubborn and sometimes even angry insistence. Yes, I think it fits the situation. How to define what now happens? A few days before the first anniversary of the surgery that marked the beginning of an unequal fight against cancer, I find myself organizing visits and investigations in the hope that they will prevent bone recurrences. This morning, then, after Kim’s nice and tender good … Continua a leggere Persistence

More than a Page

We stir like helpless spectators in our decay.I look around and I observe a craving for living that living is not, as every action is conditioned and finalized even by the stress of the action itself and not by the joy and discovery of its completion.What matters more, a flight of butterfly wings or the confused footsteps on worn asphalt?That obtuse step without identity on … Continua a leggere More than a Page