25th April, The Day of Liberation

Today is one of those days when the joy of Liberation should be more than a feeling, an idea, a project, a meaning to be given to one’s existence, trying to free oneself forever from those forms of dictatorship and violent regime that continue to preclude to many, too many, the taste of freedom.The Liberation of Italy from Nazi-Fascism began before the allies landed, for … Continua a leggere 25th April, The Day of Liberation

A Door Towards Infinite

I imagine a village hidden in the sunflower forest where life embraces and makes itself useful. Here the butterflies, smiling at the ants caressing the roots of the flowers, continue their flight undaunted from flower to flower to the sky. A child let his balloons fly away so that even the clouds could play while experienced men cultivate fields whose fruits will nourish everyone’s life. … Continua a leggere A Door Towards Infinite

A Morality Play: Everyman

I love literature very much as I am convinced that it always has good lessons to offer. I particularly love foreign literature, but perhaps this is due to my professional deformation due to having a degree in foreign languages ​​and literatures with particular attention to English literature, Spanish literature and Russian literature.These days I am immersing myself again in the oldest English literature, when it … Continua a leggere A Morality Play: Everyman