The voice of water

I’ve received this story thanks to a letter that this young girl has written to me authorizing me to tell it. Obviously the name is fictional and the narration follows my personal narrative structure because there are stories which need to be narrated as to seem imaginary though they are true, so many the meanings they hide. To the ability of my readers I leave the choice to understand and … Continua a leggere The voice of water

Fate or choice?

I met Suzanne through one of her long emails. I’ve waited long before speaking of her not because she did not give me her consent, something she did immediately without I asked, but because her story is the story of a victim that technically we call collateral. Her suffering, indeed, is not collateral. She is a girl, now a woman, who assisted to the violence, psychological and … Continua a leggere Fate or choice?

I will not surrender

I will not stop to give a voice to the stories of abused women despite this could be boring for someone, indeed for this reason I will speak of them even more. In those stories there are plenty of voices to be listened to beyond the victim’s one -the sons, the parents, the relatives, the neighbors- voices which too often are silent to observe or … Continua a leggere I will not surrender