It’s Your Life Because Life Is Yours

Life is yours.You can choose not to live it or to live it fully including its storms. In any case it is yours, yours.What is the point, then, of wasting opportunities even if they hurt?What if that suffering were a possibility to improve yourself, look at what really matters, stop doubting of your ability to love and give and forgive?Life is yours, choose it. Choose … Continua a leggere It’s Your Life Because Life Is Yours

Individualism Kills the Thought

Sometimes living seems completely unnatural to me.A paradox? A contradiction? A discontent? Who knows, maybe all and none.In reality, we have become so used to individualism that nothing more seems to recognize the value of exchange and comparison and, if these are lacking, living is nothing but vegetating in a condition of less industriousness than a blade of grass in a meadow. uncultivated.These days, inevitably, … Continua a leggere Individualism Kills the Thought


To lead a people it does not take anger, accusations and claims, but ideas, listening and sharing are needed, all seasoned with a good dose of competence, humility, self-denial.A good leader is not the one who screams and lies, but the one who listens and is able to make a synthesis. A good leader is not a leader, but a person who takes care of … Continua a leggere Leaders

Where Is the Sun?

The sun is only within you.What does the heart of the innocent laugh at? And what makes their eyes wet with tears?It is the same thing that the hypocrites pride themselves on, but interpreted in the opposite way, power.The innocent laugh at it because they don’t need it, although they suffer because of its foolish groundlessness and iniquity.The hypocrites put on it, they even invent … Continua a leggere Where Is the Sun?


How much uselessness all around, how many meaningless words, how many scripts already written and memorized, without imagination and whose meaning is not understood.We would all have needs of honesty, dignity and modesty inside and outside the walls of our home, but we continue to flaunt a security that we do not have, we continue to promote ourselves and our masks by constituting futile and … Continua a leggere Egotism