Where Is Your Conscience?

Man’s conscience, man’s spirit, should lead to saving lives not annihilating them.Human intelligence should be used to support scientific research for good and not for abject purposes. The heart of man should beat faster so that every resource, every energy, is addressed to the safeguard of men all over the world as well as to the preservation of every corner of creation in the same … Continua a leggere Where Is Your Conscience?

Just Love

There is always a before and an after and the after may not necessarily be easier. What does hold them together? What if not the love of life and the sign?What matters is not to stop being patient, but to set goals and work to make them come true.The same dimension of time varies. What remains immutable forever is love, only love, since love “is” … Continua a leggere Just Love

Today Is a Great Day to Take the First Step

I would just like to be able to conquer to beauty, kindness, dignity, justice, patience, honesty, all those incredulous hearts that get lost in vain and iniquity. I know, it is a claim, but they are great achievements that are made with small steps, one step after another in everyday life, giving oneself the opportunity to be better. Vorrei solo poter conquistare al bello, alla … Continua a leggere Today Is a Great Day to Take the First Step

A Surplus of Ego

They say the anguish of the century is “leaving a mark of yourself”. Could it be true?It seems to me, indeed, that most people want to erase every sign with them, use all possible signs in their own favor, stop being determined, but hide the best of themselves in the illusion of being able to feel better for themselves.Individualism, that is, is so strong that … Continua a leggere A Surplus of Ego


Fighting is never fighting for yourself alone, no one is the center of the universe. To fight is to share the reasons, the objectives, the results of common discernment. Lottare non è mai lottare solo per se stessi, nessuno è il centro dell’universo. Lottare è condividere le ragioni, gli obiettivi, i risultati del comune discernimento. Continua a leggere Fighting