Fly High

Losing seriousness and severity first of all towards yourself is a merciless attack on dignity and honesty.Nothing is built in depth, that is, from the foundations, if not with consistency and perseverance, even the unexpected cannot be faced and resolved with the improvisation of the moment, but only with method and constancy.The substance and essence of a human being is not his visibility, but his … Continua a leggere Fly High

Now and Here

Wind, smell of storm.The ancient breath of the heart that aches,the stale scent of silent silence.Trees shaken and bent by the turmoil of time,smiles dull in the heat of an escapedriving nowhere.Dust that slips or swirls impetuously,time passes and trembleswithout a goal to dwell on.Rain that washes or wets and breaksthe screaming waves of the rising tidelike fear or angerof being stuck and crushedfrom the … Continua a leggere Now and Here

It’s More Than a Gift

The beautiful things, those that appease deep anxieties, are the simplest ones, those that arrive unexpectedly, those that, like in an embrace, know how to welcome the need and encourage them to overcome. Pen and notebooks for those who collect them and use them as a casket (the notebooks) and as a rudder (the pen) are more precious gifts than the most precious gems since … Continua a leggere It’s More Than a Gift

Writing Is Testifying

There is something special about writing, it is never just completion and conclusion, but research and beginning. I realize that writing always asks me new questions and it is precisely in this evolution and continuous research that the meaning and value of a voice that does not give up, that experiments, that yearns to confront and know, that wants to search relentlessly not because there … Continua a leggere Writing Is Testifying