November 25, 2020: World Day against Violence against Women.

Literature (like art, music and knowledge in general) must and can become a “bridge”, convey towards depths present in the human being of which, often and unfortunately, no trace has been lost. This is how literature lives and generates, without turning off the gaze, but rather igniting and provoking visions, without silencing the voices, but rather inviting them to break the silence. This is what … Continua a leggere November 25, 2020: World Day against Violence against Women.

Broken Branch

The picture is by Andrea Morra Ours is a painful time full of uncertainties, a time in which love beyond pain is not just a poetic rhyme, but the resource to give answers to hope. Just rememberthat bodysevered from its branchis not a body but a person,that a lifebloodflowsin its thin veinswhile it mixes with the brushunknownequally tornfrom the hurricane windthat presses,screams and dragsin the … Continua a leggere Broken Branch

A Little Space of Meaning

We seek a space of meaning where indifference and individualism mix their persuasive yet unpleasant exhalations to confuse the minds and hearts of women and men who, otherwise, would certainly be better people. It is easy to fall into the trap, they are like the Mermaids to Ulysses, they suggest enchanted promises as they drag you into the bleak death. In itself, death is not … Continua a leggere A Little Space of Meaning