It’s Time to Give Man a Chance

This barbed wire that still tears the skin after so many years is the same as that which defines the boundaries beyond time, today, between each person and his freedom. Those offenses, the slanders, the lies and the violence that dissolved in smoke in the already gray sky, are now spreading to the bottom of the sea where the dull thud of the bodies that … Continua a leggere It’s Time to Give Man a Chance

The Labyrinth of Our Discontent

Don’t fall in the trap of the evil ignorance, please! Don’t do that!  Ignorance is a damage to every society not its appreciation and praise. Distrust those who use culture as a weapon against their imaginary enemy, and focus your attention on the mistake they do when they quoth immortal books or thoughts changing them in order to make you believe they are prepared, they … Continua a leggere The Labyrinth of Our Discontent

I’m Looking For…

Thinking about the prisons of soul   I am looking for infinite spaces even in closed ravines and rowdy of the profound egoisms that surround us. I have dreams to dream, thoughts to create and wings to fly.     Pensando alle prigioni dell’anima   Cerco spazi infiniti persino negli anfratti chiusi e turbolenti dei profondi egoismi che ci circondano. Ho sogni da sognare, pensieri … Continua a leggere I’m Looking For…

In Praise of True Friendship

What about the time, the time spent with friends, the time dedicated to them putting aside yourself and also forgiving the shortcomings considering them superficial ways of acting and not of being. What happened to that time in which you had believed, hoped, in which you had placed the certainty of having found a friend although imperfect, although selfish, although centered on himself. What about … Continua a leggere In Praise of True Friendship