Think Different

I thought that sometimes even the newspapers should use more direct words that do not satisfy the thirst for victory of the stupid and insignificant individuals who, behind the denomination of “bullies” believe they are exercising their power. They are but cowards. It is only cowardly who assaults another person for their sexual orientation, their culture or anything else that can be imagined as “different” … Continua a leggere Think Different


Dawn is the pink shadethat in the morning whispers its song,is the barely visible smileon the lips of a sleeping child,it is silencethat lights up with sounds,it is desireto give meaning to life.The sunrisewakes you up in the morning,offers you time,gives you time. L’alba è l’ombra rosatache al mattino sussurra il suo canto,è il sorriso appena visibilesulle labbra di un bambino addormentato,è il silenzioche si … Continua a leggere Sunrise

We Don’t Need…

We do not need screams and clamor, but that silence which, far from being indifference, is called respect, care, attention to the life of the other that often melts before our eyes.We don’t need posters, proclamations, speeches, but those kind and delicate words that arise from deep listening without hiding deceptions or personal interests.We do not need exhibitions, visibility, spectacle of life and pain, but … Continua a leggere We Don’t Need…

Too Many Things in This World

Sometimes I feel the weight of all the things that happen in our world as irrepressible. Indiscriminate violence, but to discriminate, hatred that is superimposed on hatred, interests that exceed other interests. All that should be dialogue becomes a monologue unheard by the same ones who pronounce it while trampling on each other. The experience of one does not become dialogue with the other, but … Continua a leggere Too Many Things in This World