In Praise of Prudence

Being cautious is not synonymous with being fearful, but with being cautious and responsibly capable of foreseeing unnecessary risks. Being cautious means being intelligently balanced by recognizing and preventing the follow-up of one’s actions, especially when the harmful consequences can fall on others.Prudence is not the opposite of resourcefulness and courage, but it is the opposite of irresponsibility and mental blindness. Those who are prudent … Continua a leggere In Praise of Prudence


Sometimes, among the stars, you look for the faces of your distant friends, then, the sky darkens and the heavy rain mixes with your tears for those faces that are no longer there, but that still call your name in your heart. Everything is the same, but everything is different. Memory urges life, but your gaze sees absence. Qualche volta, tra le stelle, cerchi il … Continua a leggere Stars


There are friends whose life fills your heart. They are the discreet, attentive ones, who tell you about themselves without screaming, without imposing themselves, without forcing you to take care of them. They are the ones who listen to you without asking for anything in return, the ones who know how to say the right things even if at that moment you would not want … Continua a leggere Friendship

Be responsible for Your Words

One after the other, like links in a chain or as watchful ants following the same route, words embrace, chase each other, sometimes slow down, but never, never, lose their meaning. Indeed, perhaps in their slowing down they acquire the deepest sense of pain, listening, confrontation and sharing. Words are bonds, natural and built, they are expectations and hopes, they are respect and dignity, they … Continua a leggere Be responsible for Your Words

No Weapons, No Frontiers

There are events so absurd that they can be considered incredible. In front of them, everyone shows disbelief and disapproval, but, in fact, once the reaction is over, the problem is exhausted. A convenient way to wash the hands of problems, appear sufficiently involved but not too much, keep further implications well at a distance and, above all, discharge responsibilities that, although hidden or apparently … Continua a leggere No Weapons, No Frontiers

That Absence Which Means Presence

After all, it is only a moment between being and not being, yet that moment reveals the sense of having been there and rebuilding unexpected bridges. It is not the absence that determines the distance, but the absence of the absent absence which makes invisible those who, in reality, have not been loved. I want to say that presence is a beautiful thing, but that … Continua a leggere That Absence Which Means Presence