Memory means taking charge of the history of the other. It doesn’t matter if we were there or not, it’s history and history belongs to everyone, it’s our baggage, it’s the ability to discern the rotten seed from the one that will bear healthy fruit.This is Memory, History and History cannot be denied even if there are those who try to hide it, even if … Continua a leggere Memory

What’s Left

What remainsis a blink of an eye at nightfall,the emotion of a tear along the tired face,the discreet smile that invokes infinity,the honest word that makes life sacred.This remains,everything remains,root and fruit. Ciò che restaè un battito di ciglia al calar della sera,l’emozione di una lacrima lungo il volto stanco,il sorriso discreto che invoca l’infinito,la parola onesta che rende sacra la vita.Questo resta,resta tutto,radice e … Continua a leggere What’s Left

Lights and Shadows

There are shadows in the heart that cannot be erased. They are like incandescent blades that return to pierce your being without seemingly causing any pain as they dig through your soul to depths you never knew they possessed.And yet, although disarming, your life’s task is not to erase these shadows, but rather to understand them, bring them to light, not hide them, give them … Continua a leggere Lights and Shadows

Simply Love

One often wonders what sense pain has, but why, what sense does non-pain have?Everything about our being was born and is there in its place stretched between two extremes, but neither one nor the other can do without one or the other.It’s like a bridge whose beginning and end are naturally interdependent, what’s the point of walking a bridge if there is no opposite end … Continua a leggere Simply Love


There are days that start with a smile, others with deep sadness.Both unmotivated, perhaps, but both profoundly true and sincere.A reason, in reality, always exists and it is the one that gives composure to both smile and sadness; it’s just that, sometimes, that motif is kept in deep memory or in that secret of oneself that one is unable to reveal except through the serenity … Continua a leggere Self-Regard