Modal Verbs

Modal verbs are verbs that help express the way a subject performs the action. That is, the same action can be done out of duty (obligation), possibility (or ability), will.An example: “I have to study” (meaning both an external obligation in the sense that someone imposes it, but also an internal obligation that expresses the awareness of the need to carry out this action); or, … Continua a leggere Modal Verbs

Let’s Speak About the Truth

Well, I think it is important to talk about my cancer, not because it is mine, but because it is a stranger who enters the lives of many people leaving them discouraged and living its boundless presence in an isolated and solitary way.Why shouldn’t we talk about it?Perhaps because it bothers the listener because, like most painful things, no one wants to hear about it … Continua a leggere Let’s Speak About the Truth