The tenderness of the infinitely small, a tenderness that saves. Since I was a girl I have always had a dog to accompany me along the often difficult path of a life that gave the feeling of having come into the world just to resist.I also had a cat, but old age and illnesses have gradually taken them away from me without taking away from … Continua a leggere Pets

Empty and Full

There is always an emptiness that follows a fullness.Filling the void is not easy, since it is not a matter of merely replacing one thing with another, but of finding links between things that unfold and stop as if they were stages that represent ports along the same route.This link, more than a link, this bond, is life itself, I believe.A life that does not … Continua a leggere Empty and Full


I have always loved literature, even before I knew it was literature, that there was a story beyond the narrated, rhetorical figures, language and languages ​​in continuous evolution.I loved it and I love it because literature is actually a bridge which, although it does not bridge the distances, makes them closer and more understandable.I have always looked for the voice and voices in literature and … Continua a leggere Literature


Merit. What is the merit? This is the first question. Are there the conditions for everyone to have the resources that allow them to achieve “merit”? This is the second and most important question. Finally, who deserves the credit? Here only the conscience can understand and discern.I taught for 28 years, not counting those in which I did it for the children of the most … Continua a leggere Merit


There is a sense in everything, even in oblivion.The oblivion of those who suffer, I mean, and which is not caused by those who suffer from it, but by the indifference of those who, out of fear, refuse to connect with the reality of the other’s life.Yet, this too makes sense, albeit negative, and says many things about people without uttering any. C’è un senso … Continua a leggere Oblivion

Ernest Hemingway: Il sole sorgerà ancora

“Il sole sorgerà ancora” (ed. Clandestine, 2021) è il primo romanzo di Ernest Hemingway e fu pubblicato nel 1926. Più comunemente è conosciuto come “Fiesta” dal titolo che gli fu attribuito dalla prima pubblicazione in Inghilterra e in riferimento alla corrida cui i protagonisti del romanzo assistono a Pamplona, Spagna.È la storia di un gruppo di giovani che, al termine della I guerra mondiale, si … Continua a leggere Ernest Hemingway: Il sole sorgerà ancora