Right and Wrong

Right and wrong, there is such perfection in these hands that it can get confused in discernment. Yet, everything has its place, everything has its gaze and its unavoidable vision thanks to the life of the other. The law, which flaunts supreme beauty, is based on the perfection of that reverse whose invisible knots have been able to create bonds. There is wisdom in the … Continua a leggere Right and Wrong

To Travel Is To Live

“To travel is to live”, that’s right. My life, every life, is nothing but a journey in which everyone chooses the route of their destination. Every now and then, we make some stops, we also change direction, we let ourselves be intrigued by the mysteries hidden in different routes, but then, with determination, we resume our journey. In reality, deviating does not mean stopping traveling … Continua a leggere To Travel Is To Live