“Cultura e culture” (Nulla Die, 2018): a book to be read

  If you are looking for an opportunity to understand and value the importance of a culture which never betrays the personal freedom but enriches it with other’s freedom, you should read this book. If you are looking for a book which opens culture to the new and free analysis of our present in the complete acceptance of the many and different translations and interpretations … Continua a leggere “Cultura e culture” (Nulla Die, 2018): a book to be read

Practicing loyalty

It is with great pleasure that I’ve received a mail from one of my readers referred particularly to my last book ‘Cultura e culture. La Pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi‘ (Nulla Die, 2018). My reader, who authorized me to tell something about his email, has read also my novel ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ (Nulla Die, 2018) in its Italian version … Continua a leggere Practicing loyalty

Daniela Merola recensisce”Cultura e culture. La pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi”.

https://ragguagliami.altervista.org/cultura-e-culture-la-pluralita-dei-centri-loredana-de-vita-e-la-riflessione-del-tempo-e-dei-tempi/ “CULTURA E CULTURE, LA PLURALITA’ DEI CENTRI”, LOREDANA DE VITA E LA RIFLESSIONE DEL TEMPO E DEI TEMPI Il nuovo saggio della Professoressa Loredana De Vita è “Cultura e culture, la pluralità dei centri”, una visione gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi, edito da NULLA DIE editore,  ed è uno straordinario messaggio di come la cultura dei centri possa inglobare, espandersi e svilupparsi grazie ad … Continua a leggere Daniela Merola recensisce”Cultura e culture. La pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi”.

Novels or essays? Life, simply life.

…I answer… A very gentle reader of mine has asked me today a very important question about my writings “How is it possible to write <<essays>> and <<novels>> and being equally deep and  careful to people’s needs”. Well, first and really important is to thank you for your words and your question because the appreciation it contains moreover the other utterances in your mail, give me … Continua a leggere Novels or essays? Life, simply life.

I will not surrender

I will not stop to give a voice to the stories of abused women despite this could be boring for someone, indeed for this reason I will speak of them even more. In those stories there are plenty of voices to be listened to beyond the victim’s one -the sons, the parents, the relatives, the neighbors- voices which too often are silent to observe or … Continua a leggere I will not surrender

Maria’s story

I met “Maria” and she met me. I trusted “Maria” and she trusted me. I hugged “Maria” and she hugged me. I narrated “Maria” and she narrated to me.  “Maria” died without reading of herself. I’m staying here with “Maria” and her voice lives and continues in me. You should choose to read her story and be a part of this embrace crossing time and space. … Continua a leggere Maria’s story

Culture is confrontation

To confront, welcome, give wealth to the sense of our speeches with coherence and dignity is a form of culture, the highest perhaps, because it sets freedom free while freely living. The attempt to flatten the differences, to make the other or the enemy or equal to us, is nothing but the violent and oppressive response of values and principles that cannot be understood. No … Continua a leggere Culture is confrontation