Altro non siamo che voce

di Daniela Domenici “…Alberta non è solo una sopravvissuta per me, Alberta è la dimostrazione che la vita può vincere e che la vita è amore. La vita, però, vince se la si vive pienamente, accettando tutto, dando un senso a tutto e, soprattutto, ascoltando sempre quella voce interiore che ci sussurra di essere coraggiosi, determinati e onesti nella ricerca del bene. E’ questo il … Continua a leggere Altro non siamo che voce

In Praise of Dignity

‘Freedom and plurality of the centers and of the senses have one thing in common, the truth. No deceit can be considered <<culture>>’, in “Cultura e culture. La pluralità dei centri. Una lettura gramsciana del tempo e dei tempi” (Nulla Die 2018). A strong confusion, almost brutal, has become the typical modern vision of ourselves and of what we do: it is the confusion between visibility and … Continua a leggere In Praise of Dignity

The profession of writing

Sleepless nights to write, the fingers that tremble on the keyboard almost incapable of revealing the story that is going to be told, scattered sheets and notes on the chalkboard in the apparent disorder of my complete vision, liters and litres of coffee, my stomach burning for anxiety and fatigue, my good Freddie that beats strong and irregular because of the emotion and lack of … Continua a leggere The profession of writing

Too many writers in a world with a few readers

I ask myself: shouldn’t personal freedom include the awareness we are not able to do everything? That’s to say we are not perfect! Actually, for example, there are too many writers in a world with a few readers. This must mean something! I don’t want to enter here the editorial issue between great and small firms and the excessive self-publishing which makes everyone think to be able … Continua a leggere Too many writers in a world with a few readers

‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ a never ending story.

Don’t Climb Over That Wall, and its Italian version “Non scavalcare quel muro” (2017/2018, Nulla Die editore), is and remains a book we should read because it is a true story, because it explains the mechanism which prepare to a feminicide, because it narrates the story of the many secondary victims of a domestic violence. We shouldn’t want to face this sort of suffering, we shouldn’t want to … Continua a leggere ‘Don’t Climb Over That Wall’ a never ending story.