The real power is not omnipotence but acknowledgement. Omnipotence is nothing but the delirium of those who cannot recognize their own limits and responsibility and, consequently, have no courage to stand up again when they fall and fail. Of course, failures occur, perfection does not belong to human beings, and if it belongs to other or not, it is not a human affair. My advice … Continua a leggere Omnipotence

Education is not a Joke

To Vincenzo Education is not a joke, but the action of taking care. It does not pass down mere knowledge, but a knowledge made up of competence, ability, discernment, judgement, free thought, listening and understanding. Vincenzo, you are an educator. These are things that one can learn only if the teachers, the educators (I mean those who guide with their intelligence, awareness, competence to open wide … Continua a leggere Education is not a Joke

The Dangerous Carelessness of the Words

You should never pronounce yourself in favor of violence, never and in no case, were you the oppressor or the victim. Violence inspires violence and fosters violence: it is a vicious circle which imprisons the right not to be oppressed in the same violence of those who produce oppression. I know it is difficult to accept, but we should draw a clear separation between us … Continua a leggere The Dangerous Carelessness of the Words

Gail Honeyman: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Gail Honeyman’s novel,  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, as stolen my heart beyond my attention because its first-person narration makes you feel you were Eleanor, however different your personal experience. I will not say anything about the plot which is interesting and intriguing, because I think that a novel should never be revealed to let the readers to taste it by themselves. However, I will say … Continua a leggere Gail Honeyman: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


Sometimes silence speaks more than words, and probably it hurts even more. Silence, unlucky, often hits those who are not responsible of your silence, but who don’t want to understand that sometimes it is the best answer one’s can give each one to itself, or at least the truest. Silence can appear as a weakness more often than being recognized as the the resource to … Continua a leggere Silence