It’s Our Home, Our Breath, Our Life

The picture is from, while the video is from   The Amazon Forest is not only a reservoir of wood and leaves and animals and water; it is a home, our home although we live far from it and probably we will never visit it. It is the secret shelter of our future, possibly the last one remained to remind us the Earth needs … Continua a leggere It’s Our Home, Our Breath, Our Life

Let’s Stop Playing Hide and Seek

In these difficult days I cannot but ask myself the reason why of so many unresolved issues, so many troubles, so many criminal intentions, so many unlawful affairs. What is the real problem? What is the problem in a society where we have everything and often what we don’t have, but we want at any cost, is something we don’t really need? The problem, actually, … Continua a leggere Let’s Stop Playing Hide and Seek


Who are the turncoats? Turncoats are traitors, they are those who want to keep for themselves the presumption to change the terms of any question or issue in order to gain from it for themselves. Turncoats produce a destabilizing confusion whose aim is dual: on one side its result is to create discomfort and disease at the point people decided to abandon the contest and let the … Continua a leggere Turncoats