No Misleading Speech! Humanity First!

Whatever criminal gesture has to be blamed and punished. Crime as pain has no different sound or scent or color wherever it happens and whoever accomplishes it. This is a fact. Once rejected any form of violence -physical, verbal, psychological- lets say something about the habit many have to use their words to increase violence instead of calming it down. Those who do this are … Continua a leggere No Misleading Speech! Humanity First!

Beyond the Nothingness

There were once people, old and young, talking together in mixed groups or according to their age; they discussed about their problems, their wishes, their ambitions, their fears, their conquests, their courage or not to cope with such an issue instead of another… There were once, but now there are no more. At first, I thought that the problem was the renown generation gap which made … Continua a leggere Beyond the Nothingness


Many fear solitude, many think it is the worst condition you could find yourself in, many believe that it is the end of your life. I don’t agree, or, better, I don’t agree completely. It depends on what you imagine when you speak about solitude. There are conditions where, indeed, it would be better to learn to enjoy solitude in order not to be standardized … Continua a leggere Solitude

“Vox” by Christina Dalcher

“Vox”, a novel by Christina Dalcher published by Editrice Nord, is one of those novels which makes you think about something greatly interesting because it touches issues which are important and actual despite the simulation of fantasy. It is a modern dystopia in a time not too far from the present which seems to interpret the natural consequence of a male typical attitude towards women: … Continua a leggere “Vox” by Christina Dalcher