It is certainly not an easy year this, but I do not forget all the years that every year have not been easy in school. Difficulties not due to current health needs and urgency, but to the difficulties of dilapidated schools, precarious staff, poorly paid teachers, unheard students, serious educational and didactic difficulties … and much more. I would like school, training, the needs of … Continua a leggere Schools

Personal Responsibility

What is missing, once again, is the sense of personal responsibility. Only this is the basis of any recovery, there is no need to complain about this, that or that other if, basically, our individual responsibility does not become the cure for everyone. Is this also the fruit of an individualistic society? Probable, yet it is precisely in these cases that individualism turns out to … Continua a leggere Personal Responsibility

Jack London: Il vagabondo delle stelle

Il vagabondo delle stelle (Rusconi, 2018) di Jack London è un romanzo di gran fascino che svela la grande abilità di riflessione dell’autore oltre la sua abilità artistica e narrativa. In questo romanzo, difatti, l’autore si discosta definitivamente dall’etichetta di “scrittore per ragazzi” e assume, anzi, il compito di condurre una profonda riflessione sulla vita e sulla morte. Il protagonista del romanzo, il vero vagabondo … Continua a leggere Jack London: Il vagabondo delle stelle

Your Name My Name

Your unknown name drowned in the angerof the sea,from the injustice of violence,from indifferent silencethat steals their breathto those who no longer breathe,it’s my namethat screams for youat the light of the Sun. Il tuo nome ignotosommerso dalla rabbiadel mare,dall’ingiustizia della violenza,dal silenzio indifferenteche ruba il fiatoa chi più non respira,è il mio nomeche urla per tealla luce del sole. Continua a leggere Your Name My Name

What Power Is

An activist murdered because she is too “active”, an opponent of the government poisoned because he is too “opposite”, people denigrated and offended for ideas other than the common thought which is often not a free but induced thought, people persecuted in the name of diversity ( be it cultural, religious, gender, skin, origin, economic conditions, etc.) … This is everyday life, but is this … Continua a leggere What Power Is

Free Thoughts

Coming into oneself often means abandoning oneself. Joy, the true one, is smiling at the smile of someone you love, recognizing the innocence that applauds sincerity, loving the life that “leaps” and “jumps” between beautiful and ugly things, of course, but knowing how to appreciate freedom with modesty . Rientrare in se stessi, spesso significa abbandonarsi. La gioia, quella vera, è sorridere del sorriso di chi … Continua a leggere Free Thoughts