There comes a time for awareness and conscience. We have been holding our breath so long, but now has come the time to breathe. We are responsible of our conscience, we are responsible of the silence which has hidden our ability to choose. If we were waiting for something to happen in order to give ourself a voice, now the time has arrived. It is … Continua a leggere Awareness

In Praise of Dignity

Sometimes, more than sometimes, we should remember the beauty which surrounds without betraying us even if we are betraying its gentle  breath. Beauty never surrenders to our defeats as never to the conquests we presume we have reached to discover after a while they are not the conquests we supposed because they don’t satisfy us and don’t make us happy. The problem is not the … Continua a leggere In Praise of Dignity


Arrogance is the attitude of those who pretend for themselves to be superior to the others without they are nor they are worth of. It derives from the Latin arrogare (to claim) which also means to attribute to themselves what one is not entitled to. Those who are arrogant show to be self-confident and exhibit qualities and value they have not. These people are those who … Continua a leggere Arrogance