È da poco terminato l’incontro presso l’Associazione culturale “A. Rosmini” di Trento per presentare “News from Now-Here. Esistenza e finzione” (Nulla die, 2020) e mi sembra di aver ricevuto infiniti doni preziosi, doni che resteranno per sempre con me e che culleranno il mio pensiero, il mio cuore, le mie azioni nella consapevolezza che la bellezza esiste e che si manifesta nell’offerta sincera e reciproca … Continua a leggere Thanks

News from Now-Here Esistenza e finzione News from Now-Here Esistenza e finzione NullaDie – 2020 di Loredana De Vita Incontri e convegni , Presentazione libro  La vita è come una danza in cui ogni attimo è un istante di libertà. Si nutre di equilibrio, comprensione, ascolto, percezione, rischio, forza, coraggio e controllo, lavoro e stanchezza, capacità di seguire e anticipare, saper aspettare, accogliere e sostenere l’altro sino all’inchino finale verso un … Continua a leggere News from Now-Here Esistenza e finzione


I often wonder what the magic of a pen (or a keyboard, although it may seem less poetic) is, I mean picking up a pen (or typing on a keyboard) and seeing that you start writing as if you couldn’t. more stop. Pen and keyboard become part of your hand, an organ of your body and an instrument of your thought that explodes and narrates itself. An indefinable … Continua a leggere Pen

Rethink Our Time: News from Now-Here

When a writer dedicates himself to writing, he always creates a bond of harmony with the words that color a sheet of life (whether written by hand or on a computer), it is a harmony between thought and words, of course, but above all between both of these constraints and people’s narratives. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, those who write seriously cannot stand outside … Continua a leggere Rethink Our Time: News from Now-Here

Into the World

I only wish that in addition to being horrified by the events that took place in America, we had the same attitude towards all those political systems or pseudo-such that undermine the original meaning of democracy, which impose themselves as dictatorships, which place the economy above people and which, for this reason, divide people into categories. We always think that what horrifies us happens far from us, … Continua a leggere Into the World


It would be nice to be able to really keep the innocence of children and think that those little gifts, treats and jokes in the stocking really are the work of a shrewish, ugly, but careful lady who in the magic of her broom takes away the last remnants of the ‘last year. It is not like that, what has been remains, and must, because … Continua a leggere Epiphany