Fields of Heather as Caresses to your Sorrow

Memory from an echo in the past where I could not see other than your beautiful and courageous appeal to life. Memory of a silent dream of peace where nothing could disturb and offend your freedom. Memory of travel where nothing could be given as already done and said however you you could long for your destination forever. Memory of a love whose claims were … Continua a leggere Fields of Heather as Caresses to your Sorrow

Human Being’s Care

La foto di copertina è una delle foto scattate da Riccardo Magi sulla Sea Watch  e pubblicata su Repubblica on-line   No way to wash your hands, human being’s care depends on us, each one of us. There is no political party or culture or difference or fear to prevent human beings from saving other human beings in danger. Nothing! We cannot remain to observe … Continua a leggere Human Being’s Care