How much uselessness all around, how many meaningless words, how many scripts already written and memorized, without imagination and whose meaning is not understood.We would all have needs of honesty, dignity and modesty inside and outside the walls of our home, but we continue to flaunt a security that we do not have, we continue to promote ourselves and our masks by constituting futile and … Continua a leggere Egotism

Elsa Morante: Racconti dimenticati

“Racconti dimenticati” (Einaudi, 2022) di Elsa Morante a cura di I. Babboni e C. Cecchi con prefazione di C. Garboli, è l’esempio evidente di come si sviluppi l’anima e lo stile di una scrittrice/scrittore.Si tratta, difatti, di una raccolta di racconti brevi o meno brevi e aneddoti infantili nascosti nei carteggi della Morante o pubblicati su riviste varie che ben rappresentano l’evoluzione emotiva e il … Continua a leggere Elsa Morante: Racconti dimenticati

Going Back to School

School begins, but, in reality, school never ends, because school is not just staying on the books to study, but making sure that those books, words, stories, come out of the wrapping that contains them and enter the heart of those who have visited them.We must not “do” school, but “be” school, build school, bear witness to school, promote school.Life is what one encounters in … Continua a leggere Going Back to School