About Pretenses

«Io, come quel vostro Gesù sulla croce, legata alla recinzione di filo spinato come lui alla croce. Le spine che recidevano a Lui la fronte sudata per la stanchezza e il dolore, si conficcavano, invece, nella mia schiena, sui polsi e sulle caviglie. Quella lancia con cui squarciarono a Lui il fianco, si rivelò sulle lunghe ferite che quell’uomo incise sul mio corpo mentre mi … Continua a leggere About Pretenses

Epiphany: Manifesting Yourself

From the Ancient Greek ἐπιϕαίνομαι (to manifest oneself), Epiphany seems to manifest itself no more, but rather hide and hide due to the disturbing arrival of the fearsome old woman who, in any case, dispenses gifts because coal is nothing but sugar you have to melt in your mouth to taste its flavor beyond the sour and uninviting appearance. You could also speak about the … Continua a leggere Epiphany: Manifesting Yourself

The Importance of Being Earnest

The importance of being earnest is not the rhetoric of the play “The Importance of Being Earnest” written by Oscar Wilde, but a necessary condition for assuming a correct and dignified role in the daily life of every life. Is there a time to become serious people? I don’t mean grave people, but earnest people. That is, people who know how to look at their … Continua a leggere The Importance of Being Earnest


Good morning and good start of the year! What to wish for yourself? Respect. What do you wish for the others? Respect. There is no need for maximum systems, but only to look at people with respect. Does this word still exist in the vocabulary of the most? Maybe not, but I remain convinced that respect, dignity and modesty are the basis of a profound … Continua a leggere 2020