The Flight of Thought

Thought escapes, sometimes it flies away and seeks shelter in silent meanders where sparks of life and meaning lie. It happens when, troubled and tired of the present moment, the heart and mind desire wider spaces and more distant horizons to be able to offer their human search for meaning. Not of things, but of sense, of meanings, values ​​that initiate the conquest of human … Continua a leggere The Flight of Thought


Flakes of clouds in the sky like snow on a meadow savor the cool of the night and the morning while restlessly observe the wind that drags the remains of human madness on an empty and directionless road where everyone follows his path without route towards where no one calls and nobody lives. (deliberately without punctuation, like a single breath, like a vortex that suspends … Continua a leggere Nowhere

Join your Frailty

I believe that the condition of recognition and reunion with our own fragility is one of the most tenderly human aspects that we can learn to allow ourselves. In reality, that “we should” and “we must” learn to allow ourselves.Always stuck in our appearances, in the need to show ourselves strong and superior, we deny the truest and most human part of ourselves: fragility. It … Continua a leggere Join your Frailty

Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince

Today, to tell the truth, more than a review, mine is a thought on a great author of English literature, Irish actually, whose humanity, despite the criticism and harassment suffered, raises him above any stereotyped thought and makes of him not an “original” character (a “dandy” as he is usually defined), but a free precursor: Oscar Wilde.Wilde’s works of theater are known – The Importance … Continua a leggere Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince