Love is love. Love exists and reveals itself in everyday life, in the ability to be next to each other, not allowing anything or anyone to tear apart the foundations of its existence.This is how crises are overcome, this is how one becomes capable of integrity and authenticity.Love is patient and careful, overwhelming and moving, willing to be free and to let you free. Love … Continua a leggere Love

I Sing

I sing to the scent of flowers, to the smile of the moon that falls asleep and to that of the sun that announces itself. I sing to life that always surprises me with the infinite tenderness of an embrace that welcomes. Canto al profumo dei fiori, al sorriso della luna che si addormenta e a quello del sole che si annuncia. Canto alla vita … Continua a leggere I Sing


In the world of fairy tales, everything is possible.Animals speak, people can travel miles in one step, evil can be defeated, smiles can return to the face of the innocent. All this magic is closed between the pages of a book.When I was little, my mother and uncles read me many fairy tales, I remember it as if it were time, a crescendo of words … Continua a leggere Words

Where Is Your Conscience?

Man’s conscience, man’s spirit, should lead to saving lives not annihilating them.Human intelligence should be used to support scientific research for good and not for abject purposes. The heart of man should beat faster so that every resource, every energy, is addressed to the safeguard of men all over the world as well as to the preservation of every corner of creation in the same … Continua a leggere Where Is Your Conscience?