The More They Scream the More I Perceive the Silence

Yes, the more they scream the more I perceive the silence, because those clumsy and meaningless screams that overlap one another not as a sign of suffering or denunciation, but for the sole pleasure of being heard and overlapping with others, they are not voices but misfortunes, they are not paths but landslides. Silence, then, contains a stronger and stronger meaning, it must be its … Continua a leggere The More They Scream the More I Perceive the Silence

The Interior Grammar

The voices … the voices are branches that embrace or separate. With the same competence, there are voices that become an enchantment to listen to, that drag you into the depth of your own thought and invite you to create; others, however, distance you, extinguish in you the desire for knowledge and comparison. There are voices that delight in listening to themselves and there are others that rejoice … Continua a leggere The Interior Grammar

Make Good Use of Your Vulnerability

The vulnerability of our being is an essential part of being itself and we should not waste its meaning or the sensitivity that can derive from it. Each person as such is vulnerable, denying this means denying one’s humanity, rising to heights of immortality and perfection that do not belong to the human and disdaining to appreciate every moment of life, even those who, finding … Continua a leggere Make Good Use of Your Vulnerability

Is This the End? The End?

What begins continues. Sometimes inexorable. You don’t know how it will end and, deep down, you feel that it will not end.  What is the end? Is it a fulfillment? A relaxation? A fraying?  No, the end is just a beginning.  The end is a new dynamic to be experienced, a new part of oneself to know, a new deception to reveal a new challenge to welcome and promote.  The … Continua a leggere Is This the End? The End?

Malala Yousafzai: Io sono Malala

“Io sono Malala” di Malala Yousafzai con Christina Lamb (Garzanti, 2013), è un libro che ho ripreso con piacere non solo per la storia di forza e coraggio di questa ragazzina ormai donna, ma perché sentivo un forte legame con quanto accade oggi nelle scuole occidentali chiuse per Covid dove non sento discutere di cultura e resistenza, ma di recriminazioni e insulti. Mi veniva da … Continua a leggere Malala Yousafzai: Io sono Malala