It’s not just beautiful to listen to the sounds of the night, but it is also educational. You learn to listen to listening, to make a room for the slightest rustle and for the rhythm of every breath of those people and things that you are missing from day to day. The sounds of the day often become annoying noises, even when they are the … Continua a leggere Night


Accuracy in the way you live is not strictness, however it implies some rules to be respected in order not to deviate from the purpose. Yet, as well as the penalty kick in soccer, the lack of accuracy corresponds to the lack of respect of rule established to share life and sense. If you miss respecting the rules you are damaging your own game beyond … Continua a leggere Accuracy

The Right to Die

The right to die, in certain conditions, is not a suicide but self-determination. I know that it can be difficult to understand because plenty of cultural influences divide around this theme and love and feelings are sometimes more egoistic than what we think, yet, we should consider the subject from the suffering’s point of view. People who suffer are not the laboratory guinea pigs of … Continua a leggere The Right to Die

What Else!

Simplicity, what else? Modesty, what else? Loyalty, what else? Honesty, what else? Dignity, what else? Gentleness, what else? Simplicity, modesty, loyalty, honesty, dignity, gentleness… six simple words to tell what we really need but we don’t look for. Six simple words which open a world we don’t want to open because too engaging and involving and we don’t want to get used to any kind … Continua a leggere What Else!