Bodieslike abandoned bundlessink into the ocean of no-sense.Bodiesclinging to the last breath,to a smile, to a tear,with one hand raised to beg for help,a hand that is the last goodbyeto light, air, heat and coldto the passing lifeto the beloved who remainsto the dream of not being forgottento the look that takes leave of the worldand in darkness it tightensand oppresses and suffocates the unheard … Continua a leggere Bodies

Culture Is Dialogue

Competence should never be expressed as an ostentation of knowledge, but as a dialectic of comparison.I am always deeply admired by people who have great competence, but I am more than fascinated by those who know how to manage their own competence in such a way that it becomes a resource for others by supporting their desire for knowledge.In fact, competence can become an instrument … Continua a leggere Culture Is Dialogue

On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

We are all a bit on the verge of a nervous breakdown, disposed of the safety of the first post lockdown we are now about to wish it to ourselves to feel more protected. Of course, there is no doubt, the economic crisis would be even more dramatic, emotional crises would damage the most fragile, loneliness would haunt the marginalized even more, yet there is … Continua a leggere On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Be Smart, Be Careful!

Let us abandon for a moment (and I hope it stays out forever) any form of controversy, on the other hand we are not polemicists but only polemical and not everyone knows how to make controversy a rhetoric of everyday life. We do not need polemics, but the capacity for observation, intelligence and prudence.The current situation of the Covid19 pandemic – beyond every denial, every … Continua a leggere Be Smart, Be Careful!

In Praise of Studying

The beauty of knowledge is not knowledge itself, but the amazement one feels in confronting and discovering worlds and thoughts beyond oneself. They are not unreachable worlds, but they certainly ask for humility and dignity such as to make a gift of every new encounter and voice that narrates all knowledge. Knowledge is never an end in itself, whoever believes this has learned nothing. Knowledge … Continua a leggere In Praise of Studying

Between Cultures and Me

Knowing languages is a bridge between worlds, but recognizing the plurality and freedom of these worlds means building routes of confrontation and destinations for encounters.The centrality of the human is something that is often forgotten in most relationships, yet without the human no relationship is possible. It is the human of each that recognizes us as living creatures and not the cult, the color of … Continua a leggere Between Cultures and Me