Respectability Should Not Be Pure Appearance

There are people whose respectability is nothing but a mask worn to cover their lack of respect for other people. It is not a question of political party, but a social issue, better, an ethical one. There must be consistence to be respectable, your exposed life should not be the opposite than your hidden one, above all if you are a public character, if you … Continua a leggere Respectability Should Not Be Pure Appearance

How Strange We Are

How strange the human being is, or perhaps more than strange we should say selfish. When the things that happen do not concern us closely, we are all ready to pronounce our words, to pronounce the solutions, to indicate the culprits. If, however, the things that happen concern us, we forget everything we have enunciated with our vehement vehemence and demand that our selfishness be … Continua a leggere How Strange We Are

2nd June: The Freedom I Miss

I fear we have forgotten what freedom is and confused it with the pleasure of doing whatever we want without any specific regard for the others, on the contrary with the precise intention of hurting them. This is what I have seen yesterday during the celebrations of the Italian Anniversary since the foundation of the Republic. To tell the truth, they were not celebrations, because … Continua a leggere 2nd June: The Freedom I Miss