In Praise of Dignity

Sometimes, more than sometimes, we should remember the beauty which surrounds without betraying us even if we are betraying its gentle  breath. Beauty never surrenders to our defeats as never to the conquests we presume we have reached to discover after a while they are not the conquests we supposed because they don’t satisfy us and don’t make us happy. The problem is not the … Continua a leggere In Praise of Dignity


Arrogance is the attitude of those who pretend for themselves to be superior to the others without they are nor they are worth of. It derives from the Latin arrogare (to claim) which also means to attribute to themselves what one is not entitled to. Those who are arrogant show to be self-confident and exhibit qualities and value they have not. These people are those who … Continua a leggere Arrogance

Getting Used to Nothingness

My temptation before writing was to leave this page blank. How better could I represent the nothingness and the emptiness that are fulfilling and submersing our world? Unluckily,  this is happening thanks to the consent of many. Then, I changed my mind and decided that my temptation, however of impact for those who could understand it, could have walked the same feeling of abandon and … Continua a leggere Getting Used to Nothingness


I don’t define myself as an intellectual unless whoever could define himself/herself as an intellectual too. I want to explain this utterance which could appear as in contradiction with what I do, that is writing essays, novels and a blog. Who is an intellectual today? An intellectual is whoever uses his/her intellect to translate his/her role in the life in something which could be meaningful, whatever the … Continua a leggere Intellectuals


Sometimes, we look at the other’s life as through a keyhole. We can see it, but we don’t share its whole complexity. Probably, we don’t want to spy, but certainly we don’t contemplate of them the whole beauty. What is the reason why of our limited vision? The keyhole itself. The keyhole, on one side should consent to us to admire the particulars, but on … Continua a leggere Keyhole