Literature, the Gemstone

Literature!Wonderful pool of meetings, arrivals and departures, landings and destinations. Not a divination, but the reality of a daily embrace that offers the warmth and beauty of time and beyond time.Literature not only broadens horizons, but returns the warmth of knowledge, the depth of awareness and the space to build possible worlds.Choosing to read the literature of authors from all over the world becomes an … Continua a leggere Literature, the Gemstone

What and Who Are We leaving in the World?

What and who are we leaving in the world?The most common question we ask ourselves is “What world are we leaving to our children?”, a fair question, not only legitimate, a question that must necessarily turn into action in order not to betray its good intentions.I mean, realizing how much the climate is changing and not working in your own small way so that there … Continua a leggere What and Who Are We leaving in the World?

Never Betray Tales

I love fairy tales very much, traditional and modern ones, because they reveal forgotten emotions about us, tastes never known, attitudes we were unaware of, choices to be pondered and on which to build what happens next.I really like this very much afterwards.Fables are never just words that narrate lived stories or, in any case, that happened in reality or in the imagination. Fables are … Continua a leggere Never Betray Tales

Don’t Fear Arrogance

The arrogant have always existed, in some periods they raise their heads more, but they have always been present with their noisy jokes on the stage of the time. In fact, they need this, a stage on which to perform, having no other resources than the presumption and the apparent vigor to make people believe they have ideas and, above all, have power.Once the arrogant … Continua a leggere Don’t Fear Arrogance

Freedom Beyond

In any case, the distance is felt. You can fill the space with explanations and meaning, but there is always that existential void that prompts us to ask ourselves “what would it be like if …”In that “if …” pronounced with difficulty, barely, there is all the melancholy of loneliness, the awareness of being able to do better, the humility of non-compliance and the courage … Continua a leggere Freedom Beyond

When Perseverance Calls

What is the time of perseverance? Every time is the time of perseverance. Without vain hostility, but with the sole desire to build a route to our lost and abandoned life.As T.S. Eliot said, we appear as “hollow men”, empty men, abandoned, hollowed out, wasted, desolated in a land equally empty in its fullness, abandoned in its presumption of false care, hollowed out and deprived … Continua a leggere When Perseverance Calls


The face marked by history does not erase the clarity of the gaze that knows how to look beyond. Man’s heart is not made of appearance, but of the incessant beating of the heart of him who loves. Il volto segnato dalla storia non cancella la limpidezza dello sguardo che sa guardare oltre. Non di apparenza è fatto il cuore dell’Uomo, ma dal battito incessante … Continua a leggere Faces


Awareness, the ability to be present to yourself and to others without deceit, without ulterior motives, without the desire to satisfy the shortcomings caused by personal limitations by unloading them as insufficiencies on the shoulders of others.Awareness, more and more, becomes a rare gift, the gem that, if cared for and loved, can flourish in an honest and responsible ethical sense, but which, if neglected, … Continua a leggere Awareness