That’s Life

Life, a dream.Blade of grass between rough rock,sigh like a wave on the seashore.Spasmfierce rhythmdistance.Cloud falling asleepin the sky that does not dream.There is a need for life, a sign. Vita, un sogno.Filo d’erba tra ruvida roccia,sospiro come onda sulla riva del mare.Spasmoritmo ferocedistanza.Nuvola che si addormentanel cielo che non sogna.C’è bisogno di vita, un segno. Continua a leggere That’s Life

I Disagree

Language has a creative function. Whoever writes knows it, whoever reads it knows it and everyone should know it, absolutely everyone, since this creative function can also be abused and diverted by those who use language to deceive.Language has a creative function because it not only runs through a narrative, but because, through that narration, it constructs images which, at times, can be distorted images. … Continua a leggere I Disagree

Defeat Any Dictatorship

I begin to think more and more that for many, irresponsibly, the idea of ​​the dictator is convenient, a way to discharge personal responsibilities towards society and to justify their indifference.The dictator, for his part, enjoys and takes advantage of this silent consent and devoid of dissent to give prestige, irresponsibly, to his own image which, alas, is deeply imbued with his ego that has … Continua a leggere Defeat Any Dictatorship

We Are Born Innocent

Does innocence still exist? No, I am not referring to that of those who are blameless, but that of those who, despite having made mistakes, did it naively and, in any case, are ready to take charge of them and ask for forgiveness.Perhaps this is the problem: the unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s actions and choices responsibly; imagine the ability to ask for forgiveness!We … Continua a leggere We Are Born Innocent


Sometimes the tragedies, especially the natural ones but not only, seem to bring everyone back down to earth in the clarity of the essential.It is a pity that the effect does not last long, that one tries only to cross the danger unscathed without responding and remedying the persistent void in ways that restructure the foundations of what makes sense, of what has meaning.Thus, that … Continua a leggere Tragedies