A Night of Silence

Sometimes the silence is longer than the night.Sometimes we feel unworthy of living and overwhelmed by the growing emptiness that fills souls with nonsense.This is the moment to react, to give a signal of your resistance and restore a rhythm to your patience.Patience not only to wait, but to build meaning in doing so. Talvolta il silenzio è più lungo della notte.Talvolta ci si sente … Continua a leggere A Night of Silence

Living Words

Sometimes the best words are the ones that are not pronounced, but that live in your chest and are the beating of your own heart. It is there, in fact, that they find the rhythm and the nectar that gives rise to life.Those words move, act, they are all you have to present your thoughts in an original, but above all authentic way, there is … Continua a leggere Living Words

A Flower

A flower opens and looksin and out of that windowopened in my heart wherea flower opens and smilesat the fragile time of my existence.It does not give up, does not surrenderit does not withdraw from the life that callsand smiles and observes and narrates and sufferswhile thought thinksand slowlyopens. Un fiore si schiude e guardadentro e fuori quella finestraaperta nel mio cuore doveun fiore si … Continua a leggere A Flower


The measure of each one is not the only possible measure, since, in fact, each person has his own minimum and maximum and must commit himself to that without being judged by the opinion of the other.What makes us perceive that we are working together, therefore, is not the quantity but the intensity and the charge of meaning with which each person imprints their actions … Continua a leggere Furrows


Inspired wordsburning thoughtson the wall of life as chaoswhich becomes border and horizonflexible and mobile structurerough and imperviouslively cricket or diligent cicada voicerapid sense movementtumultuous in the tearing thunderthe sky but caresses the seadeep where it gets lost. Parole ispiratepensieri roventisul muro della vita come caosche diventa confine e orizzontestruttura flebile e mobileruvida e imperviavoce di grillo vivace o di solerte cicalamovimento rapido di sensotumultuoso … Continua a leggere Chaos