In Praise of Raffaele Arcella: a Good and Wise Man

Ho ricevuto oggi una notizia che mi ha rattristato molto, la morte di Raffaele Arcella, avvocato. Proprio in questi giorni in cui si celebra la Memoria, lui se ne è andato lasciandomi il ricordo bellissimo di una serata trascorsa a scuola insieme ai miei studenti, i loro genitori , Alberta Levi Temin (che pure ci ha lasciati nel 2016) , tutti insieme ad ascoltare dalle … Continua a leggere In Praise of Raffaele Arcella: a Good and Wise Man

27th January, Memory Day: Janusz Korczak

These days, we often talk about Remembrance Day, it should be done every day, bearing in mind that there are memories destined to repeat themselves, and that in fact repeat themselves, even if we have proclaimed “Never again!”. I am referring to the Shoah, but above all to the hatred that made the Shoah possible and that today continues to pour out on the fragile … Continua a leggere 27th January, Memory Day: Janusz Korczak

Broken Branch

The picture is by Andrea Morra Ours is a painful time full of uncertainties, a time in which love beyond pain is not just a poetic rhyme, but the resource to give answers to hope. Just rememberthat bodysevered from its branchis not a body but a person,that a lifebloodflowsin its thin veinswhile it mixes with the brushunknownequally tornfrom the hurricane windthat presses,screams and dragsin the … Continua a leggere Broken Branch


Bodieslike abandoned bundlessink into the ocean of no-sense.Bodiesclinging to the last breath,to a smile, to a tear,with one hand raised to beg for help,a hand that is the last goodbyeto light, air, heat and coldto the passing lifeto the beloved who remainsto the dream of not being forgottento the look that takes leave of the worldand in darkness it tightensand oppresses and suffocates the unheard … Continua a leggere Bodies