Going Back to School

School begins, but, in reality, school never ends, because school is not just staying on the books to study, but making sure that those books, words, stories, come out of the wrapping that contains them and enter the heart of those who have visited them.We must not “do” school, but “be” school, build school, bear witness to school, promote school.Life is what one encounters in … Continua a leggere Going Back to School

Thinking About Memories

When we run after death, or death runs after us, every celebration is charged with strong and, dare I say, transcendental emotions.The fear of separation, the dismay of being able to divide, make the celebration deeper, emptying it of the memory pronounced but alive in the minds of the celebrated, to fix the present moment and make it “forever”.The days, the years that have passed, … Continua a leggere Thinking About Memories

Time Goes By

The years pass and, with time, the look changes.It can get worse and always see the worst, negativity, dissatisfaction, renunciations, etc .; but, in doing so, one becomes even more prisoner of discontent.The gaze, however, can also change for the better and see not only the successes, but also the failures as an expression of a person who evolves, who grows and who is not … Continua a leggere Time Goes By

Suspended by a Thread

There are sleepless nights, nights of anxiety, nights of distressing waiting for the result of a CT scan that will say its word about you, which will decide for you at what point in your life you have arrived. These last few nights have been nights like that.Then, suddenly and at an unexpected time, the solution. I consult the report page of the diagnostic center … Continua a leggere Suspended by a Thread

Wrapped in Anxiety

Sometimes it seems like you were wrapped in anxiety.There are days when everything seems more complicated, your own breath is. These are the days when that anxiety appears and doesn’t go away even if you immerse yourself in the actions you love the most.It is the anxiety of those who, knowing full well that they are always in the balance, accentuate their feeling of suspension … Continua a leggere Wrapped in Anxiety


For many, today is a day of return to work and among the many, many are not happy with it.I, on the other hand, like every Monday for months and months, have my blood analysis, a card that I wish to no one, a routine without dialogue or meeting in which, however, everything depends on that platelet count that must decide whether to continue or … Continua a leggere Vacation