Never Scream

Loneliness is familiar to me, more, a lifelong companion. This happens to people who do not sell their hearts which, on the contrary, they keep patiently so that it remains loyal.Solitude is not unwelcome to me because it is the space to think and recognize oneself, but also the space to listen and know, welcome and support the innocence and good will of those who … Continua a leggere Never Scream

In Life Beyond Death

Living is often having the patience to wait.Sometimes, it is not possible to imagine what the concrete fruit of waiting is because everything does not always happen as desired.Yet, it happens and this is the beauty of waiting, having the certainty that nothing can remain still and that everything requires the active commitment of those who await for it. Waiting is the patience of becoming. … Continua a leggere In Life Beyond Death

Wings to Fly

It was inevitable that the death of the writer Ada d’Adamo affected me so deeply. Not because she was a candidate for the Strega Prize, but because, without having read her book yet, I feel within me her motivations which are the same ones that led me to write “Ali per volare” (Guida, 2023) soon to be released : being a voice and giving a … Continua a leggere Wings to Fly


There is a fairy tale in everyone’s heart, but only a few will stop and tell it.Sometimes it’s not a story with a happy ending, but often the happy ending doesn’t depend on the fairy tale itself but on the signs it leaves in the lives of those who have been able to listen to it.There are fairy tales populated by ogres, ghosts and disturbing … Continua a leggere Tales

A Deep Well

Life sometimes appears to me like a well from which, in addition to the clear water, it is often inevitable to also draw mud. These are often so well mixed that it is difficult to discern the difference, especially when your night is dark and long and does not restore.It would need tenderness in our gazes, pure love that asks nothing but to love. Instead, … Continua a leggere A Deep Well

Stand up and Walk

Come on, get up, go ahead and smile.Commitment to one’s life does not depend on its duration, but on your passion and the authenticity with which you give meaning to your freedom.Nausea, bone pain, constant headache, muscles vilified by effort, pallor, anemia, insomnia, and everything else that is invisible but cannot be seen or told… all and everything is just an occasion to test your … Continua a leggere Stand up and Walk


A pen between your fingerspaint the worldheartbeat that lives.Each letter a dreama wish, a hope.Every word a sound,a whisper, a voice.Each sign a bond,a link, a promise.On a spider’s web it weaves life. Una penna tra le ditadipinge il mondobattito di cuore che vive.Ogni lettera un sognoun desiderio, una speranza.Ogni parola un suono,un sussurro, una voce.Ogni segno un legame,un vincolo, una promessa.Su tela di ragno … Continua a leggere Spiderweb