I will not surrender

I will not stop to give a voice to the stories of abused women despite this could be boring for someone, indeed for this reason I will speak of them even more. In those stories there are plenty of voices to be listened to beyond the victim’s one -the sons, the parents, the relatives, the neighbors- voices which too often are silent to observe or … Continua a leggere I will not surrender

Lizzie: talkin’ bout a revolution

I met Lizzie in a no-place of our no-time, yet I’ve met her, she exists. In the stubborn emptiness she has precipitated her heart beats and plays its rhythm as the drum of the far land where she comes from. Lizzie is nineteen, maybe less, though her childish body disappears in a woman face much older than the nineteen she declares. Lizzie loves music and … Continua a leggere Lizzie: talkin’ bout a revolution


A true story of suffering and fight against the time in a very dangerous domestic relationship. ‘Women’s silence is their tomb’, is not only one of the sentences in my novel, but it is the reality I continue to face every day in the newspapers, along the streets, listening to the house wall which tell the unseen torture and the unheard screams of those who … Continua a leggere Zoe


I met Lucia between the school benches… She was on one side, I on the other of the teacher desk… she is a young teen, I an adult professor. Her story is becoming ever and ever common among the young adolescents since their school days. Someone say that these girls are stupid to allow their young boy-friend start to abuse them, I say that they are not … Continua a leggere Lucia

Giustina: searching for the sky

I met Giustina through the dramatic chronicle of her assassination… however nothing the chronicle has told me about Giustina. Only her parents and relatives’ words who picked up her pain but also her joy of living, her courage, the strength of her smile despite everything, the tenacity in not believing herself lost and to look  for a meaning to her love, her dedication to her … Continua a leggere Giustina: searching for the sky