A Drop in the Ocean

Slowly I rediscover every morning the density of the essence of every moment.I wonder about the reason for my recent silence and I know that, abandoning writing, I somehow hoped that everything about me would melt away and flow along rivers that lead to the eternal sea.It happened in part, but I didn’t think that, in flowing towards infinity, I would still find resources to … Continua a leggere A Drop in the Ocean


Those who go through a tunnel often have no way of seeing its end, however, if you think about it, it is certain that there is a way out. We must, then, imagine it, not just let ourselves be oppressed by the intense darkness that can take our breath away. We have to imagine the light, the breeze of the wind that changes the aroma … Continua a leggere Tunnel

I Am

To suspend.From the Latin “suspendere” (composed of “sub”, below, and “pendere”, to hang), there is no simpler word to express the state of mind of someone who remains attached to something which, however, does not allow him to put his feet on the ground.Suspending the chemotherapy medicine due to the onset of kidney damage is certainly not the easiest thing to accept. The medicine hangs … Continua a leggere I Am


The recurrence! This omnipresent enemy, even when it’s not there.Every check, from the simplest to the most complicated, becomes a source of anxiety for everyone, including me, of course.It’s like perceiving the constant and invisible presence of a specter, the ghost of recidivism, in fact, which allows you to live fully only up to a certain point. It’s a ghost ready to let out its … Continua a leggere Recurrence


“Hey! Can’t you see I’m here?” Kim tells me with a snitch look as I write.Looking at him I am moved by his beauty and by the affectionate curiosity that binds him to me practically every moment of the day.He moves me because I read in his liveliness the fulfillment of my husband’s desire to make me happy when he gave it to me. I … Continua a leggere Kim

Sea Storm

In the silence of the night, writing fills every void and in the abyss of oblivion it recalls voices and faces that find their shape again.Writing accompanies me not only as an elegant red sail that furrows a sea that glitters with stars, but as a current that overwhelms and upsets the course of my boat in the stormy sea and, although only thanks to … Continua a leggere Sea Storm

It Seems…

It seems that everything can break, it seems that you can break, but then you look in your heart for reasons not to do it and then you resist.Only your heart knows why, no one else has to know it, only your heart sees and welcomes what in the other makes you feel still alive.It’s as if, looking out the window, you could understand the … Continua a leggere It Seems…