Recognizing ‘L’epoca delle passioni tristi’

Miguel Benasayag and Gérard Schmit, both psychiatrists with a particular attention and care to the crisis of the modern societies, have described in this essay the nature of the crisis and the only path possible to be walked to defeat the emptiness of sense and desire of dying which are their results. Since the beginning it is clear what the intension of the authors is, because … Continua a leggere Recognizing ‘L’epoca delle passioni tristi’

“L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

In a time of forgotten values and meanings Massimo Recalcati’s book ‘L’ora di lezione’ is more than a simple theoretical invitation to think about school, it is the practical explanation of the fundamental role school and education have in the life of youth. The book describes the real possibilities a school that works can create for adolescents and it underlines the role of the teachers … Continua a leggere “L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

‘Purple Hibiscus’, the time to choose

This is a novel of formation which does not refer only to the growth-history of the young protagonists, but, evidently, to the formation of a new society after the disastrous impact with westernization. This is the reason why, I suppose, the Purple Hibiscus becomes the title and the symbol of this novel. Purple Hibiscus is born from the contamination of different flowers of hibiscus, not … Continua a leggere ‘Purple Hibiscus’, the time to choose

Don’t Climb Over That Wall

Each one has a wall dangerous to be climbed, reason suggests not to try the enterprise, but feeling tells the contrary. Also Maria, the main character of this novel, has to cope with such a difficult choice. At last, she follows her feelings and despite any effort to change the evil in good, she will become prisoner of her own choice. Is this a guilt? Is Maria guilty … Continua a leggere Don’t Climb Over That Wall

All of us like a modern Hamlet

‘Hamlet’ by W. Shakespeare, is not a tragedy of violence, it is the violence of a human tragedy. Hamlet, who wants to denounce is uncle for the horrible crime to have killed is father, is also denouncing himself and his silence because of his incapacity to cope clearly with the murderer. Let’s briefly analyze what Hamlet does after the appearance of his father’s ghost resembling his … Continua a leggere All of us like a modern Hamlet

Talking about culture

Is it still important talking about culture? Yes, of course it is, but talking, not just speaking which looks more like chattering about it. Culture is not a joke or something you can pretend it does not exist, because however it does, but changes according to the attention or less you pay to it. Culture exists because we exist, it is never separated from our living, it … Continua a leggere Talking about culture

Albert Bandura: ‘Adolescent Development from an Agentic Perspective. Self-efficacy and Adolescence’

Well, I like efficacy while I am not so keen of efficiency. The second is nothing without the first, while the first can structure and nobilitate the second. Efficiency is the action of doing, it doesn’t matter what the real effects and the new perspectives of your doing as well as of your choices. Efficacy, instead, is not referred to the actions you accomplish, but … Continua a leggere Albert Bandura: ‘Adolescent Development from an Agentic Perspective. Self-efficacy and Adolescence’

Fathers and sons

Adults have always feared the dangerous decline of youth’s disregard for traditions and rules: it was their way to express the importance they gave to the adolescents’ choices in their life. It was very often a concern shown through an excess of control as perilous as the absolute absence of it, but it was the symptom of an attention which probably did not find any … Continua a leggere Fathers and sons

Reading is the question and the answer to the somnambulism where individualism condemns us.

When analyzing a dystopian novel the first thing which becomes soon visible is the lack of a subjective and an objective culture. It is not a case, because only controlling or abolishing culture it is possible for the power to control and dominate the people. In 1984, by George Orwell, for example, the strategy to modify language and information produces as its result the confusion of … Continua a leggere Reading is the question and the answer to the somnambulism where individualism condemns us.