Toni Morrison: The Origin of the Others

Reading a novel written by Toni Morrison has always been for me a precious gift. A gift not a present, because reading her stories I have perceived the feeling of life, of real life, the different feelings which animate the writer, but also her research to understand and make us understand what we refuse to know and accept: our fears of the difference closes us … Continua a leggere Toni Morrison: The Origin of the Others

Giuseppe Serra: “Pasolini, critico della società e del costume” (ed. Nulla Die)

Il saggio di Giuseppe Serra, Pasolini. Critico della società e del costume, edito da Nulla Die, propone un’interessante lettura contestualizzata degli scritti e del pensiero della complessa personalità di Pier Paolo Pasolini. L’analisi politica e sociale di Pasolini è ben sottolineata dall’autore che non si astiene dal presentare e anche spiegare le ragioni per cui un autore così poliedrico e profondo sia stato spesso contrastato non … Continua a leggere Giuseppe Serra: “Pasolini, critico della società e del costume” (ed. Nulla Die)

M. C. Escher: Paradoxes and Points of View

Escher’s world has still once conquered my whole being. I know nothing about Maths and Physics, or really a little, but Escher has always attracted my attention because of his vision of nature and man and life altogether. This morning my feeling and attraction have been confirmed and, if possible, even increased. I have gone to visit the Exhibition dedicated to his works at PAN, … Continua a leggere M. C. Escher: Paradoxes and Points of View

“Muganga, la guerra del dottor Mukwege” and our guilty silence.

Colette Braeckman is a journalist from Belgium who has become an expert about the African history and condition; Denis Mukwege is a doctor who received many prizes and  acknowledgments because of his action next to the women victims of war-raping, the last prize is the Nobel Prize for Peace 2018. This book is the result of the meeting between these two very honorable people who … Continua a leggere “Muganga, la guerra del dottor Mukwege” and our guilty silence.

Nadia Murad: The last girl

A book we MUST read to know, understand, act. This is not a story which can leave the reader indifferent and not only because it is the true story of the writer, Nadia Murad, now activist for the defense of human rights, but because it tells and explains the absurdity of terrorism and its mechanisms. Nadia Murad, Prize Nobel for Peace 2018, tells her story … Continua a leggere Nadia Murad: The last girl

Recognizing ‘L’epoca delle passioni tristi’

Miguel Benasayag and Gérard Schmit, both psychiatrists with a particular attention and care to the crisis of the modern societies, have described in this essay the nature of the crisis and the only path possible to be walked to defeat the emptiness of sense and desire of dying which are their results. Since the beginning it is clear what the intension of the authors is, because … Continua a leggere Recognizing ‘L’epoca delle passioni tristi’

“L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

In a time of forgotten values and meanings Massimo Recalcati’s book ‘L’ora di lezione’ is more than a simple theoretical invitation to think about school, it is the practical explanation of the fundamental role school and education have in the life of youth. The book describes the real possibilities a school that works can create for adolescents and it underlines the role of the teachers … Continua a leggere “L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

‘Purple Hibiscus’, the time to choose

This is a novel of formation which does not refer only to the growth-history of the young protagonists, but, evidently, to the formation of a new society after the disastrous impact with westernization. This is the reason why, I suppose, the Purple Hibiscus becomes the title and the symbol of this novel. Purple Hibiscus is born from the contamination of different flowers of hibiscus, not … Continua a leggere ‘Purple Hibiscus’, the time to choose

Don’t Climb Over That Wall

Each one has a wall dangerous to be climbed, reason suggests not to try the enterprise, but feeling tells the contrary. Also Maria, the main character of this novel, has to cope with such a difficult choice. At last, she follows her feelings and despite any effort to change the evil in good, she will become prisoner of her own choice. Is this a guilt? Is Maria guilty … Continua a leggere Don’t Climb Over That Wall