I will not surrender

I will not stop to give a voice to the stories of abused women despite this could be boring for someone, indeed for this reason I will speak of them even more. In those stories there are plenty of voices to be listened to beyond the victim’s one -the sons, the parents, the relatives, the neighbors- voices which too often are silent to observe or … Continua a leggere I will not surrender

To know is to live

…I answer… Yes, there is a strong emotional involvement in “Din’t Climb Over That Wall” (Nulla Die, 2018). Could it be different? I met “Maria”, and she met me. I trusted “Maria”, and she trusted me. I hugged “Maria”, and she hugged me. I told of “Maria”, and she told herself to me. “Maria” died without she could read about her. I remain here with … Continua a leggere To know is to live

Not to forget what the others live

…I have received a very beautiful letter… It is so beautiful not only because of the welcoming to “Maria’s story” in “Don’t Climb Over That Wall” (Nulla Die, 2017/2018), but because of the heartfelt sincerity, the involvement, the desire to give a direction to our own future starting from this story. The letter is an analysis both literary and personal which does not seem do … Continua a leggere Not to forget what the others live

‘There is poetry in pain…”

…I answer… I am always touched when some readers write me. I am moved because it is like shortening those distances that the invisible and the reality experienced in different places meet and reveal themselves. The email I have received today has been particularly emotional and I am grateful to you for this. So many are the words and the comments written that this nice … Continua a leggere ‘There is poetry in pain…”