The Interior Borders

Walls, doors, geographical borders, confinement and prisons are only the smallest part of the borders we build to separate ourselves from the others. There are innate borders more dangerous than the barbed wire, these are the ones that belong to ideologies, wrong ideologies without any respect for the human being, or the extreme egoism we use to perceive reality and life. If the physical borders … Continua a leggere The Interior Borders

Ignorance is the Weapon in the Braggarts’ hands

Whoever quoted Orwell to justify his abstention from the Segre commission, showed the great ignorance of which he is the emblem. The basis of the militarized society and of the ministry of truth (quoted by Orwell’s novel 1984) is nothing but the consequence of a dictatorship that is imposed through the denigration and abolition of culture, free thought and the inability of the governed to … Continua a leggere Ignorance is the Weapon in the Braggarts’ hands

Culture or Assembly-Line?

How sad to think of reproducibility as the commodification of thought. Books, like people, that almost self-reproduce with the presumption of being different and with the dream of their immortality. And yet, they sell out themselves to the market of the superficial repetitiveness to become an opportunity for sales and profit without any respect for the readers or for the writing itself. Ideas that  copy … Continua a leggere Culture or Assembly-Line?

Claudio Tugnoli: Filosofia del dilemma

La capacità di scegliere è sempre accompagnata dalla tragicità del suo dilemma. Ciò che si sceglie ha conseguenze sulla vita di chi fa la scelta, ma anche ciò che non si sceglie ne ha. Questo mi è apparso il filo conduttore del saggio di Claudio Tugnoli “La filosofia del dilemma”, edito da Mimesis (2019). Un tema e un volume impegnativo che, però, colpisce subito per … Continua a leggere Claudio Tugnoli: Filosofia del dilemma