They say that there is a time for everything, it seems to me, however, that our time has become standardized and fossilized on one thing only: survival.A survival without comfort because without ties, without ideas, without perspective. A survival more similar to death than to life, as if we counted the minutes that separate us from the end and not those that give meaning and … Continua a leggere Survival

Be Home

Be home, every heart needs a nest.It is not easy “being home”, it is a timeless commitment, it is a promise that cannot be betrayed.“Being home” means not only welcoming, but taking charge, taking care, listening to others and listening to themselves, giving all of yourself to others, without reservations, but with the wise discernment that teaches us to want the good and to want … Continua a leggere Be Home

World Refugee Day

The cover photo is taken from the following link We are all a little bit refugees in this precarious and confused time and we remain such because we are unable to look beyond the walls, but rather, building new ones.It is difficult to feel “at home” when we close our hearts and block our intelligence by defrauding every opportunity for far-sightedness; when politics and economics … Continua a leggere World Refugee Day


In this period I often look at the preserved photos, the oldest, yellowed, some still in black and white, others even printed in a yellow/brown color. They are all proofs of the experience of an existence born before my own birth.A photo becomes testimony, not only proof but testimony, of one’s existence. Testimony because each photo not only tells the event or situation represented, but … Continua a leggere Photography

A Sick in the Darkness

The life of the patient is a strange life, always dependent although apparently independent.Dependent from medicines, therapies, doctors, family, the gaze of the silly ones who consider your appearance without frills or trappings as you were an insult.You also depend on your own body and its whims, mood, tiredness, malaise, the urgent need to switch off and rest.By contrast, a sick person’s thinking is absolutely … Continua a leggere A Sick in the Darkness

Good Morning!

In the morning, after reading the newspapers online while sipping my tasty herbal tea, I take my notebook, open it, hold the pen in my hands and start writing. It is an immediate and transcendent, loyal and definitive impulse. It is not a ritual or a formal exercise, but rather the compelling call that gives “body” to my mind and frees it. It is as … Continua a leggere Good Morning!

A Kite in the Sky

Dream.I hear a light but vibrant rustle, like the wings of a dragonfly immersed in the green of a bush. The rustle continues to intrigue me, invite me, provoke me, with its continuous repetition outside my window.I look out, look, observe, scrutinize, but nothing appears to my eyes that can explain that incessant rustle that seems to call me, since no one else on the … Continua a leggere A Kite in the Sky


I do not think it is right that some people do not have respect for others and, taken only by the self that asks for self-satisfaction, forget the minimum rules of civil life.Everyone has the right to feel good and also to have fun, but their right can only be “controlled” when it meets the opposite right of those who want or need peace and … Continua a leggere Sleepless