Disqualifying the Sense

One thing is the ego another the ego-ism. We tend to manage our life trying to give a relevance to whom we are, and this is not wrong! However, we should also relate to others abandoning our omniscient desire to be the everything. What we miss to realize is that too often our omnipresent ego changes in egoism. It is renown that this happens very easily and without we … Continua a leggere Disqualifying the Sense


I’d love I could open that door to the infinite, the only one which could give us free and unlimited horizons, the only one which could give us  peace and welcoming. Yet, I know that this door will not manage to exist unless we build it with the most precious values and principle of humanity. Such a door does not have a consistence unless we … Continua a leggere Choices


Prestige is not a magic, but the ability to attract people’s attention on something you are doing or saying thanks to strength your ability shows, of course, but above all thanks to your own assertive attitude which can change in magic whatever you do or say. Prestige, from the French, underlines one’s ability to deserve the attention of the others because credible and worth to … Continua a leggere Prestige