The Power of Words

If I had the words of the windI could gut the violence of hateinflict punishment on those who cause painto the weary heart of the innocent.I could cry out against the lieoverwhelm in the impotence of redemptionthe blind criminals who enjoy themselves.I could erase the signs of the passageof every braggartsmooth out the impervious paths of every path, finally,so that every humble person will find … Continua a leggere The Power of Words

To Be Home

It is nice to be home together.Yet, in these days of full houses, the voices of those who are no longer here are heard louder.Memory? Recall? Need?No, perhaps the simple wish for a reunion.Sometimes you just want the ability to re-invent your time. È bello essere casa insieme.Eppure, in questi giorni di case piene, più forte si sentono le voci di coloro che non ci … Continua a leggere To Be Home