More than a Page

We stir like helpless spectators in our decay.I look around and I observe a craving for living that living is not, as every action is conditioned and finalized even by the stress of the action itself and not by the joy and discovery of its completion.What matters more, a flight of butterfly wings or the confused footsteps on worn asphalt?That obtuse step without identity on … Continua a leggere More than a Page

Words from the Heart

I don’t aspire to say something important, but true and honest, honest more than true, because defining what is true versus what isn’t isn’t easy, only honesty can guarantee a glimmer of it.The word is not self-glossing, but pride and the joy of sharing. Non aspiro a dire qualcosa di importante, ma di vero e onesto, onesto più che vero, poichè definire che cosa sia … Continua a leggere Words from the Heart