Peace Is an Answer and a Question

Peace cannot be forced, but war MUST NOT be forced. There is, however, a subtle difference (not that subtle, actually), between the obligation that life imposes and that which forces death and suffering. It is these subtle differences that must be considered in this dark time.It is known that weapons do not bring peace, but without weapons an attacked people cannot defend themselves from an … Continua a leggere Peace Is an Answer and a Question

Essential vs Inessential

In the race towards the inessential we forget about ourselves, who we really are, what our real needs.Yet, it is precisely the inessential or the lack of it that highlights what, in reality, one is not experiencing.This is how the essential and the inessential become complementary, one needs the other to express joy or bewilderment.Of course, the inessential “things” cannot replace the essential ones, a … Continua a leggere Essential vs Inessential