A Light in my Eyes

My face betrays me.I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself except in the look that remains clear despite everything, despite my tiredness.The face is pale, thin, parched from chemotherapy despite the creams I use to moisturize it. The eyebrows are sparse and absent in some places; the eyelashes begin to fall out and perhaps this is the thing that hurts me the … Continua a leggere A Light in my Eyes

Culture Is Not Hate

Culture must never be used as a “weapon against” others, but as an instrument of peace in favor of the encounter between “others” and their multiple “elsewhere”.Every form of culture, from literature to graphic and visual art, is a manifestation of intelligence and the ability to look beyond the surface every reality, positive or negative, and to draw synthesis and perspectives from it.Denying the culture … Continua a leggere Culture Is Not Hate