For better or for worse,I always play in the sunlight,clear and transparentthe source of pain.The gaze pierced by enchantment,memory of the present smile,sincerely look at the moonand in the sun it shines with love.There is no room for the perishable abyss,freedom is a beat of wings,eagle of life in love. Nel bene e nel male,gioco sempre alla luce del sole,limpida e trasparentela fonte del dolore.Lo … Continua a leggere Eagle

It Is the Time

Dream, fairytale, History, memory.Time accompanies our living as an active and insightful teacher, it does not cancel or subdue the free spirit that seeks his space, but rather makes it possible for everyone to build their own freedom.It is time that allows the lonely dream to turn into a magical fairy tale, and it is always time that allows the fairy tale to become History … Continua a leggere It Is the Time